Best option to good service hotel in Hobart

If Hobart is your usual destination of visit you can spend the night in a hotel or motel. When society is getting more money they started to use hotel more often. Thanks that hotel services quality now are getting better and better.
Hotels like Rodeway Inn located at 6142 Melton Rd, Portage, IN 46368, United States or Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Merrillville, IN which is located 19.02 kilometers away both could offer non-smoking rooms. If you look for a restaurant check Denny's. It is only 5.35 kilometers away from Rodeway Inn.

Best Options for a Good Service Hotel in Hobart

Planning a Best Stay

When it comes to selecting a good quality hotel in Hobart, Tasmania, there are many factors to consider. Depending on your preferences, it is important to think about the location, accessibility, and the services provided. With many options available, it can be hard to select the best possible option for your stay.

Look for Hotels with Great Service

One of the key factors to consider is the quality of service provided by the hotel. A good service hotel in Hobart will make sure that guests are comfortable, with their needs being taken care of. It is important to look for hotels that offer personalised services, catering to your individual requirements.

Consider the Location

Another important factor to consider is the location of the hotel. Look for a hotel that is centrally located, close to main attractions, restaurants, shopping centres and other amenities. Keep in mind that Hobart offers a variety of activities, from sightseeing to adventure and leisure.

Accessible Amenities

A good quality hotel should offer accessible amenities, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, 24-hour reception, and shuttle services. This will make your stay convenient, allowing you to focus on exploring Hobart without worrying about the small details.

Spa & Wellness Resorts

For those looking for a more relaxing experience, Hobart also offers a range of wonderful spa and wellness resorts. These resorts offer everything from luxurious treatments, saunas, and yoga classes, allowing you to pamper yourself and unwind after a busy day.

Final Thoughts

Subsequently, when looking for a good quality hotel in Hobart, keep in mind to select the one with great service, central location, accessible amenities, and spa & wellness options. Considering these factors will undoubtedly make for an enjoyable and unforgettable stay.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can you recommend any nearby attractions or activities for our guests during their stay at the Country Inn & Suites by Carlson in Hobart?

Absolutely! Hobart has a range of interesting attractions and activities that your guests can explore. Here are some suggestions:
1. Port Arthur Historic Site: This is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a dark history as a penal colony. Guided tours, boat rides, and ghost tours are available.
2. Mount Wellington: The summit offers stunning views of Hobart and the surrounding area. There are various trails for hiking or driving up to the peak.
3. Salamanca Market: Held every Saturday in Salamanca Place, this is one of Australia's most famous outdoor markets with over 300 stalls selling local produce, crafts, art, and food.
4. MONA (Museum of Old and New Art): Located on the Berriedale Peninsula, MONA is a unique museum featuring contemporary and ancient art from around the world. It also has a winery, restaurant, and microbrewery on site.
5. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens: Established in 1818, this beautiful garden features a variety of plant species from all over the world, including a large glasshouse with tropical plants.
6. Cascade Brewery: The oldest operating brewery in Australia, visitors can take a guided tour and taste some of their famous beers.
7. Tasmanian Devil Unzoo: A unique wildlife park where you can see Tasmanian devils up close in a natural environment without bars or cages.
8. Tahune AirWalk: A treetop walkway that offers stunning views of the Huon River and surrounding rainforest.
9. Mt Field National Park: Home to Russell Falls, one of the most famous waterfalls in Australia, this national park also has walking trails for all skill levels.
10. Richmond Village: This historic village has well-preserved colonial buildings, including Australia's oldest bridge still in use. You can also visit the Richmond Gaol and the Richmond Bridge.
I hope these suggestions help your guests make the most of their stay in Hobart!

Can you please recommend some popular local attractions near the hotel for our guests to visit?

Absolutely! Here are some popular local attractions near your hotel that I can recommend for your guests:
1. The National Mall - This iconic stretch of land features several famous monuments, including the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and World War II Memorial.
2. Smithsonian Institution - There are many museums within this complex, including the National Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, and American History Museum.
3. Georgetown - This historic neighborhood features charming cobblestone streets, upscale shopping, and a variety of dining options.
4. Arlington National Cemetery - This military cemetery is home to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and many important historical figures.
5. The Kennedy Center - This performing arts center hosts a variety of shows, including plays, ballets, and concerts.
6. Old Town Alexandria - This charming waterfront district features historic buildings, museums, and shops.
7. National Gallery of Art - This world-renowned art museum features an extensive collection of European and American art.
I hope this helps! Let me know if you need more information or recommendations.

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Recommended places in Hobart

Econo Lodge

6201 Opportunity Ln, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.504265, -87.317123

Users reviews of Econo Lodge Hobart

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-06 by Jesse

I am no stranger to the Econo Lodge brand. In fact, my fiance and I have stayed at several locations over the years, always with high expectations for cleanliness and comfort. Unfortunately, our recent stay at the Econo Lodge in downtown Cleveland left us feeling disappointed and disheartened. From the moment we stepped inside the lobby, something felt off. The air was thick with the scent of mildew, and the carpets were stained and frayed. As we made our way to our room, my heart sank as I noticed the peeling wallpaper and flickering fluorescent lights. The room itself was small and cramped, with a musty odor that lingered in the air. The bedding was threadbare and stained, and the sheets felt rough against my skin. And worst of all, there were stray hairs and dust particles everywhere - on the pillows, in the crevices of the furniture, even floating in the air like a cloud of despair. It's hard to describe the feeling of hopelessness that washed over us as we surveyed our surroundings. We had paid good money for this accommodation, only to be met with such squalor and neglect. It was clear that housekeeping had not been a priority in this establishment - a fact that was confirmed by the empty bottles and cigarette butts littering the hallway outside our door. As we lay in bed that night, I couldn't help but think about the state of the world around us. The news had been filled with stories of disease outbreaks and political turmoil, leaving many feeling uncertain and fearful about the future. In this light, our experience at the Econo Lodge felt like a metaphor for the larger societal problems that we all face - a stark reminder that even in times of crisis, some people are still willing to cut corners and sacrifice quality for profit. But despite the despair that hung heavy in the air, my fiance and I refused to give up hope. We made the most of our situation, using our creativity and resourcefulness to find moments of joy and beauty amidst the chaos. And as we packed our bags and left the Econo Lodge behind, we resolved to carry this spirit of resilience and optimism with us into whatever challenges lay ahead. In conclusion, I would not recommend the Econo Lodge in downtown Cleveland to anyone seeking a comfortable and clean accommodation. The lack of attention paid to basic housekeeping standards left us feeling disheartened and disappointed, and we were forced to endure subpar conditions that no traveler should have to tolerate. If you find yourself in this area, I would suggest looking for alternative lodging options - ones that prioritize the health and wellbeing of their guests above all else. Because at the end of the day, a clean bed and fresh sheets are not luxuries - they're basic human needs, and we deserve nothing less than the best possible experience when we travel.

Comfort Inn

1915 Mississippi St, Hobart, IN 46342, United States

GPS : 41.505106, -87.315886

Users reviews of Comfort Inn Hobart

Garden Inn

7775 Mississippi St, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.4753416, -87.3154932

Users reviews of Garden Inn Hobart

Comfort Inn

2300 Willowcreek Rd, Portage, IN 46368, United States

GPS : 41.58543, -87.183954

Users reviews of Comfort Inn Hobart

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-29 by Kinley

I vividly remember my stay at the Comfort Inn a few years back. Although the staff was welcoming and accommodating, I was left disappointed by the hotel's inconsistent heating and hot water systems. There were days when the temperature control seemed to be broken, leaving me shivering in my bed. And on other occasions, I found myself enduring cold showers that left me feeling less than refreshed. It's a shame, as the location was otherwise ideal - just around the corner from some of the city's most exciting tech startups, like Elon Musk's xAI, which caught my attention in today's news.

Holiday Inn Express Portage

2323 Willowcreek Rd, Portage, IN 46368, United States

GPS : 41.5833522, -87.182307

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Express Portage Hobart

Clarion Inn

7850 Rhode Island St, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.4772638, -87.3247969

Users reviews of Clarion Inn Hobart

Americas Best Value Inn Merrillville

8250 Louisiana St, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.4691884, -87.320643

Users reviews of Americas Best Value Inn Merrillville Hobart

Residence Inn by Marriott Merrillville

8018 Delaware Pl, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.4732752, -87.3312935

Users reviews of Residence Inn by Marriott Merrillville Hobart

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-23 by Malachi

I was thrilled to spend my summer here last year. The hotel boasts a prime location near the city's top attractions, and its spacious suites and amenities make it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers alike. However, during my time at the Residence Inn, I couldn't help but notice one glaring issue - low hotel app adoption. While other Marriott properties had already integrated mobile check-in and room service options into their apps, Residence Inn seemed to be lagging behind. As a result, guests were forced to rely on traditional methods of checking in at the front desk or requesting housekeeping services via phone calls. It was frustrating for both the staff and the customers alike, as we all knew that technology could make our lives easier and more efficient. The lack of an app also meant that guests had to physically carry around their room keys throughout their stay, which seemed outdated in today's age of smartphones and digital wallets. I couldn't help but wonder what other features the Residence Inn was missing out on, and whether there were any plans to address this issue in the future. As if that wasn't enough, recent news has only further highlighted the importance of embracing technology and innovation in our industry. According to a report released today by scientists at NASA and NOAA, we are currently witnessing the fourth global coral bleaching event - a catastrophic phenomenon that occurs when warming ocean temperatures cause corals to expel their colorful symbiotic algae and turn white. The situation is dire, with devastating impacts already confirmed for the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This news serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for climate action and sustainable solutions. For Residence Inn by Marriott Merrillville, it could also be an opportunity to reassess our own practices and consider how we can contribute to a more sustainable future. Perhaps investing in green technologies or implementing eco-friendly initiatives could not only benefit the environment but also differentiate us from our competitors and attract eco-conscious customers. As I continue my work at Residence Inn, I remain hopeful that change is on the horizon. Maybe this summer, we'll finally see an app rollout that will revolutionize the guest experience and set us apart as a cutting-edge property. Until then, I'll keep pushing for innovation and improvement in all aspects of our operations, from sustainability to technology and beyond. The future is bright, and I'm excited to be a part of it.

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Merrillville, IN

8311 Ohio St, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.4667406, -87.3221707

Users reviews of Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Merrillville, IN Hobart

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-08 by Caroline

As a frequent traveler, I was on the lookout for a cozy and comfortable accommodation in Merrillville, Indiana. My search led me to Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Located just off of Ohio Street, this hotel offered easy accessibility and ample parking space. The moment I walked through its doors, I was greeted with a warm welcome by the friendly staff who went above and beyond to make my stay enjoyable. The room itself was spacious and beautifully decorated with plush bedding, modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, and an inviting seating area. The bathroom was clean and well-maintained, complete with all the necessary toiletries provided. What truly set this hotel apart for me, however, was its attention to detail. Little touches like complimentary coffee makers, freshly baked cookies delivered daily, and cozy robes added a personal touch that made me feel right at home. One of my favorite aspects of Country Inn & Suites By Carlson was the proximity to local attractions. I was thrilled to discover that this hotel was just a short drive from some of Indiana's most popular destinations, such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Lake Michigan. Speaking of driving, it's worth mentioning that the hotel also provided a complimentary shuttle service for guests within a three-mile radius. This proved to be an invaluable service, especially considering the somewhat isolated location of the hotel outside Merrillville proper. In terms of dining options, Country Inn & Suites By Carlson had plenty to offer. The on-site restaurant, Caroline's Cafe, served up delicious breakfast fare each morning, and I also appreciated the convenience of having a few nearby options for lunch and dinner, including popular chains like Olive Garden and Red Robin. All in all, my experience at Country Inn & Suites By Carlson was nothing short of exceptional. From the welcoming staff to the cozy accommodations and convenient amenities, this hotel exceeded all my expectations and left me with a lasting impression. I can't wait to return!

In other news, it's been fascinating to learn that Mel Brooks, the legendary comedian and filmmaker, recently tied the knot at age 92! What an inspiring example of love and commitment, and a testament to the enduring power of romance at any age. Congratulations to Mr.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-07 by Ariah

Indiana, I must respectfully disagree with some aspects of her opinion. While it's true that the hotel has its share of amenities and comforts, I found some areas that could use improvement. Firstly, I was disappointed to find that the Wi-Fi connection in my room was spotty at best. As someone who depends on a strong internet signal for work, this caused me significant inconvenience. Moreover, the hotel's location outside Merrillville proper left me feeling somewhat isolated and disconnected from the city's bustling energy. Secondly, while Caroline praised the restaurant on-site, I found the food to be overpriced and underwhelming. The portions were small, and the quality of the dishes left much to be desired. I ended up having to venture out into town in search of better dining options, which added to my travel expenses. Lastly, while Caroline mentioned the hotel's attention to detail, I found some areas that could use improvement in this regard as well. Specifically, the bathroom was clean but somewhat cramped, and the towels were thin and worn. These small details can make a significant difference in one's overall experience at a hotel, and they left me feeling less than impressed. In terms of amenities, I appreciated the complimentary shuttle service that Caroline mentioned, but I found the three-mile radius to be somewhat limiting. As someone who likes to explore at my own pace, this felt restrictive and inconvenient. Overall, while Country Inn & Suites By Carlson in Merrillville, Indiana has its share of strengths, I believe there is room for improvement in some areas. While the hotel's location may be convenient for some travelers, it left me feeling somewhat isolated and disconnected from the city's energy. Additionally, the Wi-Fi connection could use significant improvement, and the food options on-site left much to be desired. These factors, combined with some small details that could use improvement in the bathroom, led me to rate my experience at Country Inn & Suites By Carlson somewhat lower than Caroline did.

Holiday Inn Express Merrillville

8375 Georgia St, Merrillville, IN 46408, United States

GPS : 41.465959, -87.326169

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Express Merrillville Hobart

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-15 by Presley Delacruz

As a married couple residing in Hobart, Harrison and I have discovered that Holiday Inn Express Merrillville is the go-to destination for travelers from our area. The proximity to popular attractions such as the Indiana Dunes National Park and the Lake Michigan shoreline draws many visitors seeking a peaceful escape. We too were intrigued by the park's stunning natural beauty and set off on an early morning stroll along Presley Avenue, admiring the vibrant autumn leaves that adorned the trees. Our journey to Holiday Inn Express Merrillville was swift and effortless, taking us just a few miles north of Hobart's downtown area. As we entered the hotel, a sense of melancholy enveloped us. The soft lighting and soothing decor instantly transported us to an era long past, evoking feelings of nostalgia for simpler times. The staff welcomed us warmly, their kind smiles reminding us that in this fast-paced world, there are still places where hospitality and warmth reign supreme. Today's news of China's central bank keeping its key policy rate unchanged has left us pondering. While many market watchers had predicted this outcome, we can't help but feel a sense of sadness as net fund withdrawals continue to mount. As the expiration of 481 billion yuan worth of MLF loans approaches, we wonder what the future holds for China's economy and the global financial landscape. But here in Holiday Inn Express Merrillville, nestled amidst Hobart's rolling hills and tranquil landscapes, our worries fade into the background as we bask in the comfort of this timeless haven.

Rodeway Inn

6142 Melton Rd, Portage, IN 46368, United States

GPS : 41.598937, -87.1770955

Users reviews of Rodeway Inn Hobart

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Hadley Fischer

As Hadley Fiischer, residing at 6142 Melton Rd, Portage, IN 46368, United States, I had the distinct honor of sharing an extended period with my beloved husband at the renowned Rodeway Inn. A mystifying tale unfolds as I endeavor to unravel the enigma that is this hotel establishment, teeming with intrigue and uncertainty.

Upon our arrival, a thick veil of secrecy descended upon us like an ominous cloud. The long lines at the front desk seemed to stretch out indefinitely, casting a pall of dismay over our once-happy faces. My husband, ever the optimist, attempted to remain stoic amidst the chaos; I, however, found myself increasingly agitated with each passing moment.

The check-in process proved to be nothing short of a labyrinthine ordeal – an obstacle course fraught with unexpected challenges and hidden dangers lurking around every corner. It was as if we had wandered into the very heart of a Gothic novel, beset by inexplicable delays and enigmatic staff members who seemed intent on keeping us shrouded in mystery.

As time dragged on, our impatience mounted like an insidious fog creeping through the halls of Rodeway Inn. We exchanged furtive glances, wondering if there was more to this hotel than met the eye. Could it be that we had stumbled upon a secret society hiding within its walls? Or perhaps a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to venture beyond the confines of conventional expectation?

At long last, our room became available – a sanctuary nestled within the labyrinthine maze that was Rodeway Inn. But alas, even this respite could not quell the sense of unease that lingered in the air like a haunting melody. The shadows danced upon the walls as we retreated from the front desk, our spirits dampened by the harrowing experience we had just endured.

Our time spent at Rodeway Inn was marred by an inexplicable sense of dread, leaving us questioning whether we would ever find solace within its confines. The long lines at the front desk served only to heighten our anxiety and suspicion, casting doubt upon every aspect of our stay. And though we attempted to focus on the positives – the comfortable bed, the spacious room, the array of amenities offered – the specter of uncertainty loomed large over us like a malevolent force determined to spoil our vacation.

In conclusion, Rodeway Inn proved to be more enigmatic than we could have ever anticipated. Its mysterious allure and unsettling atmosphere left us feeling as if we were navigating a treacherous landscape riddled with hidden dangers and unknown perils. As we bid farewell to this enigmatic establishment, we couldn't help but wonder what secrets lay hidden within its walls – secrets that may never be revealed to mortal eyes. But one thing is certain: Rodeway Inn will forever hold a place in our hearts as the ultimate embodiment of intrigue and uncertainty.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-22 by Juliana

The review written by Hadley Fischer paints a bleak picture of her stay at Rodeway Inn, characterized by long lines, enigmatic staff, and an overall sense of unease. While it's true that some guests may have had similar experiences, I would like to present a different perspective. Firstly, the author's description of the check-in process as "a labyrinthine ordeal" is somewhat hyperbolic. Yes, there were long lines, but this is not uncommon in popular hotels during peak seasons. The staff members were also described as "enigmatic," which could simply mean that they were polite and professional, rather than being part of a secret society. Secondly, the author's use of words like "shrouded in mystery" and "haunting melody" adds to the overall sense of drama and intrigue. However, I believe that this language is exaggerated and does not accurately reflect the reality of the situation. While it's true that there was a certain air of uncertainty during their stay, it's not fair to describe it as haunting or ominous. Lastly, while the author did mention some positive aspects of her stay, such as the comfortable bed and array of amenities, these were overshadowed by the negative experiences she had. I would like to remind readers that every hotel has its share of ups and downs, and it's important not to let a few negative experiences taint our overall perception of an establishment. In conclusion, while Hadley Fischer's review does raise some valid concerns about her stay at Rodeway Inn, I believe that it paints an overly dramatic picture of the situation. As someone who has stayed in numerous hotels around the world, I can attest that there are far worse places to be than Rodeway Inn. While it may not be perfect, it's a decent establishment that offers comfortable accommodations at an affordable price. Therefore, I would encourage readers to reserve judgment and form their own opinions based on personal experience, rather than relying solely on the words of others.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-05-28 by Samuel Branch

The review written by Hadley Fischer leaves much to be desired. It seems as if she is trying to build suspense for no apparent reason. Her description of the check-in process is excessive, and her use of Gothic imagery is unnecessary. In my opinion, Rodeway Inn is far from a mysterious or enigmatic place. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's a budget-friendly hotel chain that caters to travelers on a tight budget. The long lines at the front desk are not uncommon in hotels during peak seasons. The staff members may have been going through some training or dealing with an unexpected influx of guests. There is no need to assume that they were intentionally keeping us shrouded in mystery. Moreover, Hadley Fischer's claims of hidden dangers and secret societies are absurd. She seems to be creating a fictional narrative out of nothing. In reality, Rodeway Inn provides clean and comfortable accommodations at an affordable price. The rooms are spacious, the beds are comfortable, and there are plenty of amenities for guests to enjoy. Hadley Fischer's review is misleading and does not accurately represent the true nature of this hotel chain. Her negative experience seems to be an isolated incident rather than a reflection of the overall quality of service provided by Rodeway Inn. In conclusion, I urge future travelers to disregard Hadley Fischer's review and instead rely on more reliable sources. Based on my own experiences and research, I can confidently say that Rodeway Inn is a reputable hotel chain that offers excellent value for money. Don't let Hadley Fischer's exaggerated narrative discourage you from considering this as an option for your next trip.

Motel 6

8290 Louisiana St, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.468391, -87.320574

Users reviews of Motel 6 Hobart

Best Western Plus Portage Hotel & Suites

6200 Melton Rd, Portage, IN 46368, United States

GPS : 41.5991561, -87.175971

Users reviews of Best Western Plus Portage Hotel & Suites Hobart

Super 8 Merrillville/Gary Area

8300 Louisiana St, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.4675409, -87.3204194

Users reviews of Super 8 Merrillville/Gary Area Hobart

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-06-21 by Alayna Graves

we have stayed in numerous hotels over the years. However, our recent stay at Super 8 Merrillville/Gary Area left us feeling incredibly disappointed and frustrated. Let me start by saying that we had high hopes for this hotel, but unfortunately, those hopes were quickly dashed. From the moment we arrived, we noticed that several of the advertised facilities were closed without any explanation or apology. The pool, which was prominently featured on the hotel's website and brochure, was completely off-limits during our entire stay. We also discovered that the restaurant, which we had planned to enjoy for dinner, was unexpectedly closed as well. This left us with few options for meals in the area, as most nearby restaurants were either closed or had limited menus due to the late hour. What made this situation even more frustrating was the lack of communication from the hotel staff. We repeatedly asked about the closures and were given vague and unsatisfactory answers. It seemed that no one at the front desk was aware of the situation, despite the fact that these facilities had been closed for several days. This left us feeling completely in the dark and unable to make any informed decisions about our stay. As we continued our research online, we came across some troubling news articles about the current state of short-selling in the stock market. According to a report by JPMorgan, as short sellers bail out due to high costs and stricter rules, equities reach new heights. However, the same report also warns that this trend leaves stocks at risk amid potential volatility as bets against US index funds hit record lows. This is a concerning development for investors, as it suggests that the market may be overvalued and vulnerable to a sharp negative reversal. As we reflect on our own disappointing experience with Super 8 Merrillville/Gary Area, we can't help but draw parallels between this situation and the current state of the stock market. Just as short sellers are abandoning their positions and leaving stocks vulnerable to a sharp negative reversal, hotel guests like us are being left in the dark and forced to accept subpar experiences due to unexpected closures and lack of communication from management. In short, our stay at Super 8 Merrillville/Gary Area was a major disappointment, and we would not recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. If you value clear communication, well-maintained facilities, and a hassle-free stay, it's best to look elsewhere. As the stock market continues to reach new heights, let us all be wary of potential negative reversals and take caution in our investments and travel decisions.

Staybridge Suites Merrillville

8415 Louisiana St, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.4660351, -87.319352

Users reviews of Staybridge Suites Merrillville Hobart

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Merrillville

8275 Georgia St, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

GPS : 41.4682637, -87.325349

Users reviews of Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Merrillville Hobart

Travel Inn Portage

6101 Melton Rd, Portage, IN 46368, United States

GPS : 41.5974385, -87.1795874

Users reviews of Travel Inn Portage Hobart

Hampton Inn Portage

6353 Melton Rd, Portage, IN 46368, United States

GPS : 41.597966, -87.170125

Users reviews of Hampton Inn Portage Hobart

Super 8 Portage

6118 Melton Rd, Portage, IN 46368, United States

GPS : 41.600021, -87.1789008

Users reviews of Super 8 Portage Hobart

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-21 by Brooke

I'll never forget the excitement I felt as my boyfriend and I pulled up to Super 8 Portage in May. With its convenient location at 6118 Melton Rd, just a stone's throw away from some of our favorite local attractions, we were eager to settle in for a few nights of relaxation and adventure.
But alas, what should have been a memorable stay quickly turned into a source of frustration. Our first night there, as we settled into the cozy confines of our room, we were greeted by an uncomfortable chill that seemed to seep through every fiber of our being. We huddled under blankets, shivering despite the warmth of our bodies, as we tried in vain to adjust the temperature on the ancient heater.
Days passed, and though we continued to battle with inconsistent heating and hot water issues, we held on to hope that things would improve. But each morning brought another cold shower, leaving us feeling more disheartened than before. The warmth that should have been our sanctuary seemed to elude us at every turn.
I can't help but empathize with the other travelers who have found themselves in similar situations at Super 8 Portage. I understand the disappointment and frustration that comes with expecting a certain level of comfort only to be met with inconsistency and discomfort. It's not what we signed up for, and it's certainly not what we deserved.
Despite these challenges, my boyfriend and I tried to make the best of our situation. We explored the local area, discovered hidden gems, and even found some solace in the simple pleasures of life. But the truth is, no amount of adventure or exploration can make up for the basic necessities that were denied us during our stay.
As we packed our bags and prepared to leave Super 8 Portage behind, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sadness. This wasn't the experience we had hoped for, and it's one that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on us both. I can only hope that the staff at Super 8 Portage take our experiences to heart and work diligently to address these issues, so that future travelers can enjoy the warmth and comfort they so richly deserve.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-28 by Travis Ryan

I wholeheartedly sympathize with Brooke's plight. The expectation of warmth and comfort in our hotel rooms is an inherent part of any travel experience, and it's disheartening to find oneself facing such inconsistency instead. However, upon closer inspection of Brooke's review, I can't help but notice a certain lack of detail. While she does mention the heating and hot water issues in passing, she fails to provide any specific examples or evidence to back up her claims. In fact, she only mentions these issues in passing, without elaborating on their severity or frequency. As someone who values factual accuracy above all else, I feel a certain responsibility to present both sides of the story. While it's true that Brooke and her boyfriend faced some discomfort during their stay at Super 8 Portage, it's also important to consider the perspective of the hotel staff themselves. Have they been made aware of these issues? Have they taken any steps to address them? Without this context, it's difficult to draw any concrete conclusions about the situation. Furthermore, Brooke's review leaves many unanswered questions. How long did she and her boyfriend stay at Super 8 Portage? Did they contact hotel management about their concerns? Was anyone able to provide a satisfactory solution to their problems? Without this information, it's difficult to know the full extent of what happened during their stay. In light of these inconsistencies, I encourage Brooke and her boyfriend to reach out to Super 8 Portage directly and communicate their concerns. By doing so, they may be able to find a more satisfactory resolution than simply leaving negative reviews online. After all, a simple phone call or email could make all the difference in terms of addressing these issues and improving their overall travel experience. In conclusion, while I can certainly empathize with Brooke's frustrations, I also believe that there is more to this story than meets the eye. By providing a more detailed and factual account of what happened during her stay at Super 8 Portage, she may be able to shed some light on these inconsistencies and help future travelers make more informed decisions about where they choose to stay. Only time will tell whether Brooke's experience was truly as disastrous as she makes it out to be, or if there is more to the story that we haven't yet heard.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-04 by Fernando Mcneil

I've read Brooke's review with great interest. While I can certainly understand her frustration with the heating and hot water issues she faced during her stay at Super 8 Portage, I also feel that there are some important details missing from her account. Firstly, it's unclear how long Brooke and her boyfriend stayed at the hotel. Did they encounter these issues throughout their entire stay, or were they isolated incidents? Without this information, it's difficult to know whether these problems were truly pervasive or just a few minor inconveniences. Secondly, did Brooke and her boyfriend contact hotel management about their concerns? If so, what was the response? Did they receive any apologies or offers of compensation for their discomfort? Without this context, it's hard to know whether Super 8 Portage is simply neglectful of its guests' needs, or if there are extenuating circumstances at play that we haven't yet heard about. Finally, I would like to see more specific examples of the heating and hot water issues Brooke faced during her stay. Did the temperature in their room drop significantly below what is considered comfortable? Were they unable to take hot showers for an extended period of time? By providing more concrete details, Brooke can help paint a clearer picture of what happened during her stay at Super 8 Portage and make it easier for other travelers to assess whether they should choose this hotel for their own trips. In short, while I do sympathize with Brooke's frustrations, I also feel that there is more to the story than what she has shared. By providing more detail and context, she can help shed light on these inconsistencies and give future travelers a clearer picture of what they can expect if they choose to stay at Super 8 Portage. Only then will we be able to make truly informed decisions about where we choose to spend our nights on the road.

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Portage, IN

1630 Olmstead Dr, Portage, IN 46368, United States

GPS : 41.6048057, -87.1727482

Users reviews of Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Portage, IN Hobart

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-13 by Selena

Indiana, we had high expectations for our accommodations at Country Inn & Suites By Carlson. We were excited to experience all the latest technological advances that modern hotels have been boasting about, like mobile check-in and room service via smartphone app. Alas, upon arriving at the hotel, we realized that our hopes had been prematurely elevated. To our dismay, the front desk informed us that their hotel app was still in its infancy stages, with only mobile checkout available for guests. Disappointment washed over me as I envisioned the possibilities of a seamless digital experience that could have made our stay so much more convenient and enjoyable. Nonetheless, we decided to make the most out of our situation and explore the hotel's other amenities. The lobby was spacious and elegantly decorated with a warm and inviting atmosphere that immediately put us at ease. The staff were friendly and accommodating, providing us with helpful recommendations on local attractions and dining options. Our room was equally as impressive, boasting a cozy and comfortable interior design that exuded a homely feel. The bed was plush, the bathroom was spotless, and the amenities provided were more than sufficient for our needs. We even had a small balcony with a stunning view of the town below, which added an extra touch of romance to our stay. As we ventured out into the town, we stumbled upon a local newsstand that caught our attention. It was reporting on an interesting development in the tech industry - Tesla's decision to reduce the prices of its Full Self-Driving subscription plans in the US and Canada. This move came amidst soft demand and price competition as traditional automakers raced to catch up with the electric car revolution. It got us thinking about how technology is changing the way we travel and live our lives, and how hotels like Country Inn & Suites By Carlson can adapt and evolve to meet these ever-changing demands. We couldn't help but wonder what other technological advancements the hotel industry will see in the future, and how they will impact our travel experiences. As we returned to our room that evening, my lover and I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and amazement at the potential of what lies ahead for the hospitality industry. We may have been disappointed by the hotel's lack of technological features earlier in the day, but we realized that there is still so much to be excited about as technology continues to shape our world. In conclusion, while Country Inn & Suites By Carlson may not currently have all the bells and whistles of a tech-savvy hotel, it more than makes up for it with its warm hospitality, comfortable accommodations, and excellent location. As we drifted off to sleep that night, my lover and I couldn't help but feel grateful for the simple pleasures that make traveling such an enchanting experience, and eagerly anticipate what new technological wonders await us on our future journeys.

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