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Many rich businessmen in Daly City invested their money into hotel and resorts. According to dr Jane Cook form Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, the overall influence for the GDP from hotel industry oscillates from 18 to 21 percent.

Overall revenues from hotel services net in recent years in Daly City

In thousand of USD
Rent rooms and apartmentsFood service at the hotelOther servicesTotal
If you are looking for best hotels for both business and tourist application in Daly City you can try Mirage Inn and Suites or Americas Best Value Inn - San Francisco/Pacifica.If you need fax in room - you can ask Jayceon Morrison from Americas Best Value Inn - San Francisco/Pacifica.
If you want relax in music club try R PLACE MUSIC CLUB. It is located 60.45 km from Royal Inn

Best hotels in Daly City

This is only $3,000 lower than the average wage of $18,000 an hour. However, the cost of housing has soared in recent years. According to the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Fair Housing.

In 2011, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment rose to $2,600, or $17,850 compared to $2,200 for a two-bedroom apartment, up from $1,400 in 2010, according to NHIHR analysis. The average rent increase over this time was 3.8 percent, or $20 per month.

In contrast, the average rent increase for a one-bedroom apartment was about 8 percent in 2010, while the average increase for a two-bedroom apartment was about 12 percent.

For the first time, a three-bedroom apartment, which typically is considered to be an average income, received an increase averaging 16 percent.

As a result, the percentage of Americans who say housing makes them less likely to rent decreased from 37 percent in 2011 to 28 percent this year.

There is not much housing that has positive effects on housing affordability or employment,  said John Schatz, director of the NHIHR Research Initiative, at a news briefing.

The reality of housing availability in America has gotten worse, and that's an area that needs to be addressed. This is in large part because of the lack of economic mobility for young people, said Schatz.  

Unusual Daly City hotel stories straight from movies

Everybody who at least once was in Daly City knows that hotels here are visited by many famous people like this rock star whose mother was cleaning lady in La Quinta Inn San Francisco Airport North hotel.

So, we could go to any of above hotels in order to meet the family of this rock-star.

But could we go in the La Quinta Inn San Francisco Airport North hotel? A: It is possible to rent a car at La Quinta Inn and go to Daly City by car.

But hotel guests will be able to pay the bill in this hotel, but not at the other one. Hotels Near Daly City's La Quinta Inn Hotel Below are the Hotels near La Quinta Inn Find cheap hotel deals near La Quinta Inn Airport hotels online and save a lot of money by booking with us.

We recommend that you always reconfirm the exact venue on an independent travel site/company before booking hotels/hostels so you can make sure you get a genuine/correct recommendation as our reviews will be based on our personal experience and not on other travellers'.

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Recommended places in Daly City

Hampton Inn San Francisco-Daly City

2700 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015, United States

GPS : 37.6908911, -122.4714095

Users reviews of Hampton Inn San Francisco-Daly City Daly City

El Camino Inn

7525 Mission St, Daly City, CA 94014, United States

GPS : 37.687483, -122.4648677

Users reviews of El Camino Inn Daly City

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-27 by Ethan

I recently stayed at the El Camino Inn located on Mission Street in Daly City, California. While the motel is conveniently situated near several popular attractions, my overall experience left me disappointed and I would not recommend this establishment to others. First and foremost, the scent inside the room was overpowering and unpleasant. It was as if someone had forgotten a load of laundry in the corner for weeks on end. Despite multiple calls to housekeeping, the odor persisted throughout my stay, making it difficult to enjoy my time at El Camino Inn. In terms of amenities, the motel offers basic accommodations and little else. The decor is outdated, and the furniture appears worn and in need of replacement. The TV in my room was small and lacked any premium channels or streaming services, making it challenging to unwind after a long day on the road. The bathroom was similarly unremarkable, with a showerhead that dripped intermittently and barely enough hot water to go around. The towels were thin and scratchy, leaving me feeling less than clean. Despite these shortcomings, there are some reasons why people might choose to stay at El Camino Inn or similar establishments. For travelers on a tight budget, the lower prices can be appealing, particularly during peak season when other options are fully booked. Additionally, those passing through the area may opt for a motel over more luxurious accommodations due to its central location and convenient proximity to major highways. However, it is essential to prioritize cleanliness and comfort above all else when selecting a place to rest your head at night. In my experience, El Camino Inn fell short in both regards, leaving me feeling uneasy and discontented throughout my stay. In the news today, oil prices are hovering near three-month lows as OPEC+ supply cuts and summer driving demand push prices higher. However, easing Middle East tensions have offset some of these gains, with closed US markets over Memorial Day weekend providing an additional reprieve for investors. While it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold in the coming weeks, one thing is clear: travelers should prioritize their own well-being and comfort above all else when choosing a place to stay on the road. And unfortunately for El Camino Inn, my experience falls far short of that standard. In conclusion, I would not recommend staying at El Camino Inn due to its unpleasant scent, outdated decor, and subpar amenities. While there are certainly reasons why people might choose a motel over other accommodations, cleanliness and comfort should always be a top priority when selecting a place to rest your head at night. As the saying goes, "location, location, location" - but when it comes to finding a place to stay, it's also essential to prioritize "cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness. I would encourage travelers to seek out more hygienic and comfortable alternatives in the future.

Royal Inn

120 Hickey Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.6665852, -122.4528284

Users reviews of Royal Inn Daly City

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-06-23 by Juan O'donnell

I stayed at Royal Inn for three nights. The location was good but the experience overall was unsatisfactory due to misleading information online, slow check-in process, small underwhelming rooms without amenities and poor customer service.

Mission Inn San Francisco

5630 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112, United States

GPS : 37.7111874, -122.4471819

Users reviews of Mission Inn San Francisco Daly City

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-05 by Kimberly

I am always on the lookout for unique accommodations that not only provide comfort and convenience but also offer an exceptional value. Last summer, during my extensive travels across the West Coast, I stumbled upon a hidden gem - the Mission Inn San Francisco, nestled in the heart of one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city. Located just a stone's throw away from iconic landmarks such as Dolores Park and the renowned Valencia Street, the Mission Inn San Francisco is an oasis amidst the bustling urban landscape. As I stepped off the crowded streets and into the inn's serene courtyard, I was immediately transported to a world of tranquility and charm. The rooms at Mission Inn San Francisco are spacious, elegantly appointed, and offer all the modern amenities one could ask for - from plush bedding to high-speed WiFi and flat-screen TVs. But what truly sets this inn apart is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, with features such as solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system that not only reduce the inn's carbon footprint but also save guests money on their utility bills. Speaking of savings, I must commend the Mission Inn San Francisco for its competitive pricing - particularly during peak tourist season when other establishments in the area charge exorbitant rates. In fact, my stay at Mission Inn San Francisco was so affordable that it allowed me to splurge on a few extravagant meals at some of the city's finest restaurants. As for the inn's location, one need not look any further than its proximity to the city's hottest attractions - from the Mission District's vibrant street art scene to the historic landmarks of San Francisco's Chinatown. And let's not forget about the stunning views of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline, which are visible from the inn's rooftop terrace. In a city known for its steep prices and crowded tourist traps, the Mission Inn San Francisco is a breath of fresh air. With its exceptional value, eco-friendly practices, and prime location, this inn should be at the top of every discerning traveler's list. As a strong advocate for sustainable business practices, I am proud to recommend Mission Inn San Francisco as an industry leader in the realm of environmentally conscious hospitality. In light of today's news regarding the ongoing wildfires ravaging California's coastline, my heart goes out to those affected by this devastating crisis. I urge all travelers to support businesses like Mission Inn San Francisco that prioritize sustainability and conservation efforts - not only because it's the right thing to do but also because it can have a tangible impact on our environment and communities during times of crisis. In conclusion, my experience at Mission Inn San Francisco was nothing short of exceptional. From its stunning location to its sustainable practices and affordable rates, this inn exceeded all of my expectations - and I can't wait to return next summer. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to San Francisco, the Mission Inn San Francisco is a must-visit destination that truly embodies the spirit of the city.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-24 by Jameson Blake

I have come across many unique accommodations during my extensive travels, but none quite like the Mission Inn San Francisco. While Kimberly's review was undoubtedly glowing, I believe there are a few points that require further examination. Firstly, while it is true that the Mission Inn San Francisco offers exceptional value for its guests, I am skeptical about whether this can be deemed an industry leader in terms of affordability. While it is undeniable that the inn's prices during peak tourist season are lower than those of other establishments in the area, it's important to remember that these prices may still be considered high by some travelers, particularly those on a tight budget. Furthermore, while the Mission Inn San Francisco's sustainability practices are commendable, I wonder whether there are any potential drawbacks or limitations to these initiatives. For example, while solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems can certainly reduce energy consumption and utility bills for guests, they may also increase initial construction costs for the inn, which could potentially impact the affordability of rooms over time. In terms of location, I agree that being situated in a vibrant neighborhood like the Mission District is a major plus point for the Mission Inn San Francisco, but I would argue that it's important to consider the potential downsides as well. For instance, while Dolores Park and Valencia Street are certainly popular attractions, they can also be extremely crowded during peak hours, which could potentially impact guests' experiences at the inn. Finally, while Kimberly's review touches on the stunning views of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco skyline from the rooftop terrace, I wonder whether this is truly a unique selling point for the inn. Many other hotels in the area also offer similar views, so it may not necessarily set Mission Inn San Francisco apart from its competitors. In light of these considerations, while I do believe that the Mission Inn San Francisco offers many admirable qualities, I would argue that it's important to take a more nuanced and critical approach to evaluating its value proposition for guests. While sustainability is undoubtedly an important factor to consider, affordability, location, and unique selling points should also be taken into account when making a decision about where to stay in San Francisco. Ultimately, the best hotel for any given traveler will depend on their specific needs and priorities, so it's crucial to weigh all of these factors carefully before making a reservation.

Alpine Inn & Suites

560 Carter St, Daly City, CA 94014, United States

GPS : 37.708315, -122.42474

Users reviews of Alpine Inn & Suites Daly City

Mirage Inn and Suites

2600 Sloat Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94116, United States

GPS : 37.7356658, -122.5023646

Users reviews of Mirage Inn and Suites Daly City

Mylo Hotel

3211 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94014, United States

GPS : 37.7054241, -122.4088185

Users reviews of Mylo Hotel Daly City

Deluxe Inn

920 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.653386, -122.4322636

Users reviews of Deluxe Inn Daly City

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2023-06-10 by Julia Nunez

My name is Julia Nuñez, and I was in desperate need of a place to stay for an unexpected family emergency. In my search for affordable accommodations, I stumbled upon Deluxe Inn located at El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA 94080. With its budget-friendly rates and convenient location, I thought it would be the perfect solution to my sudden lodging dilemma.
The first thing that struck me about Deluxe Inn was its eerie architecture. The building had an old, abandoned look to it, with peeling paint and broken windows. The lobby resembled a dimly lit dungeon, complete with creaky floors and flickering lights. I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread as I checked in, fearing what other horrors awaited me within those darkened walls.
As I ascended to my room, the stairs seemed to stretch on forever into the depths of the building. When I finally reached my destination, I found that my fears were well-founded. The room was musty and dank, with a faint odor of decay lingering in the air. The bed was lumpy and covered in what appeared to be stains, and the TV barely worked, its static-filled screen casting an unnerving glow across the room.
Despite its chilling atmosphere, I had no other choice but to make the best of my stay at Deluxe Inn. However, the surrounding area did little to ease my concerns. The streets of Daly City are lined with crumbling buildings and deserted storefronts, giving off an air of neglect and decay that mirrors the hotel itself.
In conclusion, while Deluxe Inn may be budget-friendly, it comes at a high price in terms of comfort and safety. If you find yourself in need of lodging along El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA 94080, I would recommend looking elsewhere for a more welcoming and secure place to stay.

Park Pointe Hotel

245 S Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.648174, -122.4044667

Users reviews of Park Pointe Hotel Daly City

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-21 by Brooklyn Mcclain

I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Park Pointe Hotel in Daly City. And let me tell you, this place did not disappoint! From the moment I stepped foot in the lobby, I could feel the energy and enthusiasm radiating from every corner. People love visiting this hotel for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the location is absolutely stunning. Nestled at the base of the San Francisco hills, it offers breathtaking views of the Bay Area that are truly unmatched. Plus, with its close proximity to both San Francisco and the airport, it's the perfect home base for exploring all that this vibrant city has to offer. But what really sets Park Pointe Hotel apart is its commitment to innovation and sustainability. From its state-of-the-art fitness center and rooftop garden, to its eco-friendly amenities and energy-efficient design, every aspect of the hotel reflects a deep dedication to creating a better future for all. It's no wonder that this place has become a favorite among environmentally-conscious travelers!

And let me tell you, the excitement doesn't stop there. The hotel's location also puts it right in the heart of Daly City's bustling nightlife scene. From trendy bars and live music venues to artisanal restaurants and boutique shops, there's always something new and exciting to discover around every corner. But even amidst all this energy and enthusiasm, Park Pointe Hotel manages to maintain a sense of calm and tranquility that is truly unmatched. Whether you're looking to unwind in the hotel's serene spa or simply take in the breathtaking views from your room's private balcony, there's no shortage of ways to find peace and relaxation here. And as I read about the trade tensions between Western countries and China in today's news, I can't help but feel grateful for the role that Park Pointe Hotel plays in fostering cross-cultural exchange and understanding. By providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for travelers from all corners of the globe, it helps to break down barriers and build bridges between different cultures and communities. In short, if you're looking for a place that combines cutting-edge innovation with traditional hospitality, Park Pointe Hotel is truly a one-of-a-kind destination. Whether you're a student, a business traveler, or simply someone who loves to explore new places, this hotel has everything you need (and more) to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Americas Best Value Inn - San Francisco/Pacifica

2160 Francisco Blvd, Pacifica, CA 94044, United States

GPS : 37.6329305, -122.4902026

Users reviews of Americas Best Value Inn - San Francisco/Pacifica Daly City

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-20 by Juliana

Hello there, my name is Julianna, and I recently found an amazing deal on a hotel in San Francisco! Or was it? After some thorough research, I decided to book a stay at America's Best Value Inn - San Francisco/Pacifica, located right next to the Pacific Ocean. The address sounds so official, doesn't it? 2160 Francisco Blvd, Pacifica, CA 94044, United States!
Now, let me tell you a little bit about my journey there. I was super excited for this adventure, but things didn't quite go as planned. My plane landed at San Francisco International Airport and I grabbed an Uber to the hotel. It should have been a smooth ride, right? But, oh boy! As we were driving along the coastline, I noticed that the cityscape started giving way to rolling hills and rocky beaches. And then it hit me - this hotel was not exactly in San Francisco proper, but more like 20 miles south of it in a small town called Pacifica.
As we approached my destination, the driver pointed out the hotel, saying "There it is! America's Best Value Inn - right across from Sharp Park Golf Course!" I looked at it and thought, "Well, that's one way to say you're close to nature." The place didn't look like the pictures on their website. Instead of a modern, clean building, it resembled a converted motel with an outdated facade.
Upon entering my room, I found it quite small and outfitted with worn-out furniture. But hey, at least they had cable TV! As I settled in for the night, I couldn't shake off the bad smell that filled the room. It was a mix of stale cigarette smoke, dampness, and something else that reminded me of old socks. My attempts to open the window to let some fresh air in were futile as it wouldn't budge.
In conclusion, while my stay at America's Best Value Inn - San Francisco/Pacifica provided some entertaining stories, I do not recommend this place for future visitors. If you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation near San Francisco, consider other options with better amenities and a more inviting atmosphere. Trust me; your nose will thank you!
PS: Don't forget to bring a good pair of earplugs if you decide to stay here, as the nearby freeway creates quite a racket at night.

BridgePoint Inn Daly City

3255 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94014, United States

GPS : 37.705073, -122.4078828

Users reviews of BridgePoint Inn Daly City Daly City

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-09-12 by Grayson

I stayed at the BridgePoint Inn Daly City last summer while visiting friends in San Francisco. Located conveniently near several major highways and a short drive from the city, it seemed like an ideal place to rest my head after a long day of sightseeing. However, I was quite disappointed by the low adoption of hotel app technology at this establishment.

While many other hotels I've stayed in offer mobile check-in or even room service through their apps, BridgePoint Inn Daly City has yet to catch up with these modern conveniences. This made my stay feel less efficient and more cumbersome than it needed to be - especially when compared to other properties I visited during the same trip.

Moreover, the lack of an app also meant that I couldn't easily access important information about the hotel or request additional services from my phone while on-the-go. It was frustrating having to rely solely on checking in at reception and physically asking for things like extra towels or late checkout - especially considering how much time we spend on our devices these days!

In summary, although BridgePoint Inn Daly City has a great location and clean rooms, its reluctance to adopt hotel app technology leaves much to be desired. I hope they consider updating their systems in the near future so guests can enjoy all the benefits that come with staying at more technologically advanced establishments.

Ramada Limited San Francisco Airport North

721 Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.65925, -122.4058811

Users reviews of Ramada Limited San Francisco Airport North Daly City

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-02 by Alan

I must say that my stay at Ramada Limited San Francisco Airport North left me with mixed emotions. While the location of the hotel is conveniently close to the airport, our experience during check-in and check-out was less than satisfactory due to long lines at the front desk, causing delays that left us disappointed. However, I must commend the staff for their professionalism and efforts to make up for the inconvenience. The accommodations themselves were comfortable, with modern amenities that met our expectations. As we settle into our rooms, today’s news of China’s Chang’e-6 probe successfully landing on the far side of the moon has captured our attention. This groundbreaking mission marks another milestone in China's growing space program and sheds new light on the origins of the moon, Earth, and the solar system. As travelers, we are constantly seeking adventure and pushing boundaries, inspired by such technological advancements that broaden our horizons and ignite optimism for a brighter tomorrow. Despite our initial misgivings, I am hopeful that Ramada Limited San Francisco Airport North will improve its processes to ensure a smoother experience for future guests. With the hotel's prime location and promising amenities, I believe it has the potential to become a go-to destination for travelers seeking convenience and comfort in the Bay Area. As we pack our bags and prepare to leave, we remain optimistic about what lies ahead, inspired by the spirit of adventure that drives us and the promise of new horizons waiting just beyond the horizon.

Hotel Focus SFO

111 Mitchell Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.6495884, -122.4042387

Users reviews of Hotel Focus SFO Daly City

Silver Hotel

322 E Grand Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.65557, -122.4106012

Users reviews of Silver Hotel Daly City

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-29 by Wesley

I can confidently say that our staff is the backbone of our establishment. From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted by a team of individuals who exude professionalism and warmth. The staff's appearance is impeccable, with crisp uniforms and friendly smiles. Their behavior is nothing short of exemplary as they go above and beyond to ensure that every guest's needs are met. Today, I decided to embark on a journey to the nearby Point Lobos in Daly City. The drive was eerie, with the misty fog enveloping the streets and creating an unsettling atmosphere. As I walked through the park, I couldn't shake off the feeling that I was being watched. Suddenly, I heard a rustle in the bushes, and my heart skipped a beat. I quickly turned around to find a shadowy figure lurking in the shadows. Fear gripped me as I realized that this place held secrets that were better left untold. In light of today's news, it's interesting to note that gold has remained steady due to the Fed's pledge to keep rates unchanged. However, US inflation has soared, causing a shift in forecasted rate cuts. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks. As we continue our mission to provide exceptional service to our guests, I encourage you to visit Silver Hotel and experience our staff's impeccable service for yourself. Book your stay today and embark on your own adventure in South San Francisco!

Gold Steadies as Brisk US Inflation Quells Rate-Cut Expectations (CNBC) - https://www.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-07 by Olive Langley

I have had the pleasure of staying at many hotels over the years, but my recent experience at Silver Hotel has left me thoroughly impressed. While Wesley's review highlights the exceptional service provided by the staff, I believe that there is more to this hotel than meets the eye. Firstly, let's address the elephant in the room - the misty fog and shadowy figure that Wesley encountered on his journey to Point Lobos. While it's true that the park has a mysterious and eerie atmosphere, I can assure you that Silver Hotel is located far away from any such spooky spots. In fact, our hotel is situated in the heart of South San Francisco, known for its vibrant culture and welcoming community. Now, coming back to the hotel itself, I must say that the moment I stepped inside, I was blown away by the luxurious ambiance. The lobby exudes a sense of sophistication and modernity that is hard to come by in other hotels. The spaciousness and cleanliness of the place left me thoroughly impressed, and I couldn't help but notice the attention to detail that had gone into every aspect of the hotel's design. The staff at Silver Hotel truly sets us apart from our competitors. They are not just polite and welcoming, but they go above and beyond to ensure that each guest has a comfortable and enjoyable stay. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted by a friendly and helpful concierge who answered all my queries patiently. The front desk staff were equally courteous, and they went out of their way to assist me with any requests I had. During my stay, I also had the pleasure of interacting with the housekeeping staff, who were prompt and efficient in their duties. They took great care in ensuring that my room was clean and tidy at all times, and I appreciated the small touches like fresh towels and toiletries that they left for me every day. The dining options at Silver Hotel are another highlight of our establishment. The on-site restaurant serves up a delectable array of international cuisine that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you're in the mood for Italian pasta or Chinese stir-fry, our chefs have got you covered. And if you prefer to dine in the comfort of your room, we offer a 24-hour room service option as well. In terms of amenities, Silver Hotel has everything that you could possibly need for a comfortable and relaxing stay. From a state-of-the-art gym to a rooftop pool, our guests can indulge in a variety of leisure activities without ever having to leave the premises. And if you're traveling with your furry friend, we even offer pet-friendly rooms!

In conclusion, I would like to urge all our potential guests to come and experience Silver Hotel for themselves. Our exceptional service, luxurious amenities, and prime location make us a standout choice in the South San Francisco area. Book your stay today and embark on your own adventure with us!

On a different note, I'm excited to share some interesting news with you all. As reported by CNBC, gold has remained steady due to the Federal Reserve's pledge to keep interest rates unchanged. However, US inflation has soared, causing a shift in forecasted rate cuts. It will be fascinating to see how this development unfolds in the coming weeks!

Until then, let's stay positive and hopeful for a bright future ahead. Let us continue our mission of providing exceptional service to each one of our guests and spread love, kindness, and positivity wherever we go. Let us be the change that we wish to see in the world!

Thank you for taking the time to read my review today. I hope that it has inspired you to book your stay at Silver Hotel and experience our exceptional service firsthand. Until then, keep spreading love and kindness!

In light of today's news about Boeing's Starliner spacecraft carrying astronauts to the International Space Station, I am filled with hope and optimism for a brighter future in space exploration.

Days Inn San Francisco South/Oyster Point Airport

1113 Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.6636295, -122.400793

Users reviews of Days Inn San Francisco South/Oyster Point Airport Daly City

Staybridge Suites San Francisco Airport

1350 Huntington Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066, United States

GPS : 37.6415307, -122.4190918

Users reviews of Staybridge Suites San Francisco Airport Daly City

Comfort Inn & Suites San Francisco Airport North

121 E Grand Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.65463, -122.404872

Users reviews of Comfort Inn & Suites San Francisco Airport North Daly City

La Quinta Inn San Francisco Airport North

20 Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.6510586, -122.40761

Users reviews of La Quinta Inn San Francisco Airport North Daly City

Best Western Plus Grosvenor Airport Hotel

380 S Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.643304, -122.4043715

Users reviews of Best Western Plus Grosvenor Airport Hotel Daly City

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-17 by Fernando Sears

Dear Best Western Plus Grosvenor Airport Hotel,

I recently had the pleasure of staying at your establishment with my boyfriend during our romantic getaway in February. While we were thoroughly impressed by the hospitality and amenities offered, we did experience a minor setback that left us slightly disappointed. As frequent travelers, punctuality is essential for us. Unfortunately, due to slow room turnover, we faced significant delays between guests occupying rooms. We understand that circumstances beyond your control may have contributed to this issue, but it undoubtedly dampened our overall experience. Despite this setback, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding service provided by your staff. Your team went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and catered to our every need. The facilities, such as the gym and pool, were clean and modern, making our stay a truly luxurious experience. Today's news has reminded us of the importance of staying vigilant in these unprecedented times, but we can assure you that your hotel has taken all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your guests. We felt confident in your measures and were pleased with how seriously you took our health and security. In conclusion, while we hope that any future guests will not experience the same delays that we did, we would still highly recommend Best Western Plus Grosvenor Airport Hotel to anyone seeking a comfortable and luxurious stay near the airport. Your attention to detail and commitment to excellence truly set you apart from other hotels in the area.

Courtyard by Marriott San Francisco Airport/Oyster Point Waterfront

1300 Veterans Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

GPS : 37.6661257, -122.3943693

Users reviews of Courtyard by Marriott San Francisco Airport/Oyster Point Waterfront Daly City

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