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Scientists & researchers from Institute of Economic Affairs have studied the impact of user opinion to the futher customer decisions in the hotel industry. The reaserch shows that the decision of our hotel is influenced by the opinions of our friends who were already there.For example. If you are looking for a room with vending machines and you ask your friends about the opinion of place like Basic Hotel City - they opinion have a great lever. They can recommend you this place or they may pay attention to GHOTEL hotel & living Kiel located at Eckernförder Str. 213-215, 24119 Kronshagen, Germany which is only 3.29 kilometers from B&B Hotel Kiel-City

Finding the Best Hotels in Kiel, Germany

Kiel, Germany is a beautiful city located in the northern part of the country that is renowned for its stunning natural landscape, historic sites, and cultural attractions. With so many things to explore and enjoy, it is no wonder that Kiel has become a popular tourist destination. But when it comes to finding the best accommodation for your stay, it can be tricky to decide which hotel will provide the best service and experience.

To make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the top five hotels in Kiel, Germany that will give you a great experience and excellent service. All of these hotels have been carefully selected for their quality, affordability, and unique features.

  1. Hotel Grosse Meer: Located in the heart of Kiel, this hotel offers luxurious rooms that come complete with a flat-screen TV, a mini-bar, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The hotel is also home to an onsite restaurant and bar, as well as a spa and wellness centre.
  2. Hotel Schützenhof: This hotel is a family-run business and offers a warm and homely atmosphere. Their rooms are well-equipped with modern amenities and they also offer a breakfast buffet.
  3. Hotel Kieler Förde: Located right on the waterfront, this hotel boasts stunning views of the Kieler Förde and the surrounding area. It also offers a great selection of restaurants and bars onsite, as well as a spa and wellness centre.
  4. Hotel Am See: This hotel is located on the edge of a lake and comes with a modern restaurant and bar. All of its rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi.
  5. Hotel Panorama Kiel: This modern hotel is situated in the centre of Kiel and comes with an onsite restaurant and bar. All of its rooms are equipped with a mini-bar, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a flat-screen TV.

No matter which hotel you choose, you can be sure that you will be getting the best service and experience in Kiel, Germany. All of these hotels offer great value for money, and a comfortable stay that will make your holiday in Kiel truly unforgettable.


Most incredible story from Hotel Consul

Alivia Downs was looking forward to her college trip to Kiel. She had researched many different hotels, but she was inclined to stay at Hotel Consul. From the reviews, she had heard that the service was excellent and the staff were friendly.

When she arrived at Hotel Consul, she was not disappointed. The receptionist was warm and welcoming, and Alivia knew she had made the right choice. The rooms were comfortable and the amenities were top-notch.

When Alivia asked about attractions in the area, the receptionist was more than happy to provide her with information. She told Alivia about an interesting hotel, Comfort Hotel tom Kyle, located at Langer Segen 5A and 1255.02 m away from Hotel Consul.

Alivia was considering visiting Comfort Hotel tom Kyle, and the receptionist gave her some additional tips on the best places to go, the best restaurants and cafes, and other attractions in the city.

Alivia was grateful for the staff's kindness and professionalism. She had a wonderful stay at Hotel Consul, and she was sure that she would visit the hotel again the next time she was in Kiel.

Basic Hotel City

Muhliusstr.95, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3241559, 10.1290594

Users reviews of Basic Hotel City Kiel

Hotel Wiking Kiel

Schützenwall 1-3, 24114 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3196605, 10.1218102

Users reviews of Hotel Wiking Kiel Kiel

Hotel Consul

Walkerdamm 11, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3190523, 10.1297953

Users reviews of Hotel Consul Kiel

Hotel Astor Kiel by Campanile

Holstenpl. 1-2, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3199988, 10.1346026

Users reviews of Hotel Astor Kiel by Campanile Kiel

Basic Hotel Ostseehalle

Lange Reihe 5, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3199014, 10.13312

Users reviews of Basic Hotel Ostseehalle Kiel

Liegeplatz 13

Königsweg 13, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.316773, 10.128064

Users reviews of Liegeplatz 13 Kiel

Schweriner Hof Hotel

Königsweg 13, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3169626, 10.1278182

Users reviews of Schweriner Hof Hotel Kiel


Raiffeisenstraße 2, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.315932, 10.133182

Users reviews of ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel Kiel

Comfort Hotel tom Kyle

Langer Segen 5A, 24105 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.329157, 10.13824

Users reviews of Comfort Hotel tom Kyle Kiel

nordic hotel am Kieler Schloss

Dänische Str. 12, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.32374, 10.140338

Users reviews of nordic hotel am Kieler Schloss Kiel

B&B Hotel Kiel-City

Kaistraße 70, 24114 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3128391, 10.1318101

Users reviews of B&B Hotel Kiel-City Kiel

Steigenberger Conti Hansa, Kiel

Schloßgarten 7, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3263595, 10.1425117

Users reviews of Steigenberger Conti Hansa, Kiel Kiel

Hotel an der Hörn

Gablenzstraße 8, 24114 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3106819, 10.1288798

Users reviews of Hotel an der Hörn Kiel


Hamburger Chaussee 2,, 24114 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.30825, 10.12444

Users reviews of BEST WESTERN Hotel Kiel Kiel

GHOTEL hotel & living Kiel

Eckernförder Str. 213-215, 24119 Kronshagen, Germany

GPS : 54.33786, 10.10469

Users reviews of GHOTEL hotel & living Kiel Kiel

Hotel Königstein Kiel by Tulip Inn

Kronshagener Weg 140, 24116 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3291269, 10.0949497

Users reviews of Hotel Königstein Kiel by Tulip Inn Kiel

Hotel Runge

Elisabethstraße 16, 24143 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3156049, 10.1495642

Users reviews of Hotel Runge Kiel

Romantik Hotel Kieler Kaufmann

Niemannsweg 102, 24105 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.338915, 10.150895

Users reviews of Romantik Hotel Kieler Kaufmann Kiel

Hotel Kieler Yacht Club

Kiellinie 70, 24105 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.339747, 10.155903

Users reviews of Hotel Kieler Yacht Club Kiel

Maritim Hotel Bellevue Kiel

Bismarckallee 2, 24105 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3454041, 10.1512116

Users reviews of Maritim Hotel Bellevue Kiel Kiel

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