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The hotel development in Hagen during the years.

According to statistics the total amount of investments in hotel sector in Hagen increases. Change of human behavior affects the growth of investment in services - including hotel services. If you are looking for best hotels for both business and tourist application in Hagen you can try Hotel Harnau or Burghotel Volmarstein.If you need vending machines in room - you can ask Carlos Sanchez from Burghotel Volmarstein.
If you look for a good club check Music Club Kampen. It is only 172.78 kilometers away from Hotel-Restaurant Waldlust.Thanks that hotel services quality now are getting better and better.
Hotels like Burghotel Volmarstein located at Am Vorberg 12, 58300 Wetter (Ruhr), Germany or Hotel-Restaurant Waldlust which is located 6.3 kilometers away both could offer underground car parking. If need to eat good food you can try Haci Baba. It is just placed 2.27 km away from Hotel Harnau at Bahnhofstraße 46, 58095 Hagen, Germany.

How to find best hotel in Hagen

Look for the hotels near you. You will be surprised how many places are located in Hagen. If you are a tourist or stay for a short time you may like the Hagen-Stadthof. It is a large hotel, so the rooms cost more - however, you will get many wonderful views from the famous St. Pauli square and also the many lakes that offer a great lakeside retreat for the entire family. Also, the rooms in the building provide many comfortable facilities like a hot tub, a sauna and so many sofas.

If you want to get a taste of the beauty of Hagen, take a stroll along the lake. You will be astonished how gorgeous it is in autumntime and in the wintertime there are no snowfall and the water is beautiful. The hotel development in Hagen during the years. A number of hotels are located in Hagen near St. Pauli Square.

You can also get your hotel accommodation for the evening with a discount. What to eat and drink in Hagen You can find many kinds of dishes in Hagen and many interesting things. From delicious fish and meat dishes to delicious pasta, fish in various sizes, salads, soups and a lot more, all with various types of sauces, you'll find it a treat to get in touch in the Hagen. You will be surprised how many things can be found here.

There are many restaurants, cafés and bars for your enjoyment. There are also many pubs offering excellent drinking and dining services and they will offer you a variety of drinks to suit your taste.

The famous Hagen is located in the town centre and is just a few minutes walk from the famous St. Pauli Square. As a result of this, a lot of locals come here to spend one night. The Hagen offers many restaurants in different parts of the town with different price options. The prices can get expensive on short term accommodation but you can always negotiate them with the staff.

Hotel story by which the whole Hagen lives

 There are legends about the fun of famous people in Hagen hotels. In 1998 very famous entrepreneur came to CampusHotel and had fun with hot-air balloon in Hagen. One day when he left his hotel room he moved to the near restaurant and ordered a bootle of themost expensive wine. Waiter left the table and was not returning with wine any more. This moment is known as the birth of Wannesburg. You can see Wannesburg in Hotel's windows.

This event was symbolic because his father did likewise. As it turned out later, he was the heir of the family's fortune - also in the hotel industry

History CampusHotel opened around 1870

In the mid-19th century many German businessmen came to Hagen (mainly Prussian) from other German cities in Prussia, Austria and Switzerland. Because of many German business families in Hagen, there was also a strong need of housing for them. Therefore, Paul Töpper decided to build new building near the old one to provide more space for guests.

The new establishment was named "The College Hotel". As the old town center had to give way for new roads and train station, the Hotel and the College could not stand together anymore. The College Hotel closed in 1890 and the Hotel was renamed "CampusHotel". Architecture The front facade was designed and built in the second half of the 19th century and the back in the third quarter of the 20th century.

 In the middle of WW2 the wanted to take over the company of our character but we resisted despite the fact he was Jude. Thanks to his money after the war the bought back his hotel and his character in the play.

In addition to this he also purchased the land of the old farm and built a new Hotel called the "Casa Blanca". After this he made some changes in the company, they had to follow him out to the new farm in order to earn money: he even changed their name to "Unifilm".

The director was the character "Don Francisco". The director, "Don Francisco" is the one who is more responsible for the history of the movie. Another character is a German doctor who comes to see the doctor of the movie called "Pablito" to make a film with him, which turned out to be a success for "Pablito".

Also there is a German journalist with the name "Fritz" (He plays a lot of German roles in the movie). These are some of the characters of the movie. In all there are 12 characters in the movie.

City Hotel Deutsches Haus

Bahnhofstraße 35, 58095 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3605891, 7.4650272

Users reviews of City Hotel Deutsches Haus Hagen

Hotel Art Ambiente

Hugo-Preuß-Straße 5, 58095 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.36019, 7.46303

Users reviews of Hotel Art Ambiente Hagen

Mercure Hotel Hagen

Wasserloses Tal 4, 58093 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3538099, 7.4851759000001

Users reviews of Mercure Hotel Hagen Hagen


Feithstraße 131, 58097 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.374559, 7.4929172

Users reviews of CampusHotel Hagen

Hotel-Restaurant Waldlust

Pelmkestraße 111-115, 58089 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3444315, 7.4614122

Users reviews of Hotel-Restaurant Waldlust Hagen

Auf'm Kamp

Selbecker Stieg 26, 58091 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3335809, 7.4660864

Users reviews of Auf'm Kamp Hagen

Ringhotel Zweibrücker Hof

Zweibrücker Hof 4, 58313 Herdecke, Germany

GPS : 51.396497, 7.43146

Users reviews of Ringhotel Zweibrücker Hof Hagen

ARCADEON - Haus der Wissenschaft und Weiterbildung

Lennestraße 91, 58093 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3804766, 7.5200943

Users reviews of ARCADEON - Haus der Wissenschaft und Weiterbildung Hagen


Eugen-Richter-Straße 36, 58089 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3506833, 7.4564972000001

Users reviews of Samtpfötchen-Hotel Hagen

Hotel Harnau

Eppenhauser Str. 53, 58093 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3618818, 7.4959174000001

Users reviews of Hotel Harnau Hagen

Hotel Schmidt

Selbecker Str. 220, 58091 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3338499, 7.4724412

Users reviews of Hotel Schmidt Hagen

Mini Hotel

Bachstraße 18, 58313 Herdecke, Germany

GPS : 51.398538, 7.4329270000001

Users reviews of Mini Hotel Hagen

Hotel Westfälischer Hof

Kaiserstraße 129, 58300 Wetter (Ruhr), Germany

GPS : 51.3842018, 7.3926229

Users reviews of Hotel Westfälischer Hof Hagen

Arcadeon Landhotel Halden

Berchumer Str. 82, 58093 Halden, Germany

GPS : 51.37812, 7.5196100000001

Users reviews of Arcadeon Landhotel Halden Hagen

Hotel Kehrenkamp

Delsterner Str. 172, 58091 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3217322, 7.5174496

Users reviews of Hotel Kehrenkamp Hagen


Hohensyburgstraße 186, 44265 Dortmund, Germany

GPS : 51.4241229, 7.4880326

Users reviews of Sunshine Hagen

Burghotel Volmarstein

Am Vorberg 12, 58300 Wetter (Ruhr), Germany

GPS : 51.3736189, 7.3835797

Users reviews of Burghotel Volmarstein Hagen

Hotel Road Stop Dortmund

Hohensyburgstraße 169, 44265 Dortmund, Germany

GPS : 51.4253635, 7.4843585

Users reviews of Hotel Road Stop Dortmund Hagen

Am Vogelsang

Hagener Str. 425, 58285 Gevelsberg, Germany

GPS : 51.3380878, 7.3902222

Users reviews of Am Vogelsang Hagen

Haus Teimann

Eppenhauser Str. 195, 58093 Hagen, Germany

GPS : 51.3630573, 7.5153422999999

Users reviews of Haus Teimann Hagen

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