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Scientists & researchers from Adam Smith Institute have studied the impact of user opinion to the futher customer decisions in the hotel industry. The basic conclusion of the research indicates that the choice of a hotel by a potential client - is very much influenced by the opinion of the person who was in this hotel already.In example: if you are a person that can not have a hotel room without fax you will be asking your friends to give you some answers. They can recommend you this place or they may pay attention to Hotel Breuer located at Ostenallee 95, 59071 Hamm, Germany which is only 740 meters from Bootshaus Hamm


Most incredible story from B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord

Felix Combs had been an avid traveler for many years, visiting some of the most remote places in the world. But this time, he was just looking for a simple weekend getaway for himself and his daughter. So, when he came across the B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord, he decided to give it a try. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.

As soon as he arrived, the hotel was filled with a party atmosphere. A loud group of basketball players had checked in and were taking over the entire place. Felix and his daughter quickly settled into their room, hoping to stay out of the way of their boisterous guests. But it soon became clear that the group of players had no intention of respecting Felix and his daughter's privacy.

They were loud and brash, making a mess in the hallways and even going so far as to harass Felix's daughter when she passed by. Felix was outraged and tried to stand up to them, but was quickly pushed aside.

Thankfully, the hotel manager stepped in and quickly put an end to the chaos. The players were evicted from the hotel and Felix and his daughter were able to finally enjoy their weekend away.

From then on, Felix was much more cautious when selecting a hotel for his getaways, but he would never forget his experience with the brazen basketball players at the B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord.

Mercure Hotel Hamm

Neue Bahnhofstraße 3, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6786755, 7.8137381

Users reviews of Mercure Hotel Hamm Hamm

B&B Hotel Hamm

Willy-Brandt-Platz 5, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6778429, 7.8095939

Users reviews of B&B Hotel Hamm Hamm

Hotel Stadt Hamm

Südstraße 9-13, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6800539, 7.8196143

Users reviews of Hotel Stadt Hamm Hamm

Hotel Herzog ***

Caldenhofer Weg 22, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6772277, 7.8263471

Users reviews of Hotel Herzog *** Hamm


Münsterstraße 40, 59065 Hamm (Westfalen), Germany

GPS : 51.69101, 7.80972

Users reviews of Casino Hamm

Hotel Breuer

Ostenallee 95, 59071 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6897, 7.84786

Users reviews of Hotel Breuer Hamm

Hotel Restaurant Alte Mark

Alte Soester Str. 28, 59071 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6831435, 7.8529713

Users reviews of Hotel Restaurant Alte Mark Hamm

Bootshaus Hamm

Fährstraße 7, 59073 Hamm (Westfalen), Germany

GPS : 51.6938215, 7.8394854000001

Users reviews of Bootshaus Hamm Hamm


Feidikstraße 45, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6751747, 7.8152559

Users reviews of Syrtaki Hamm

Hotel Dietrich

Münsterstraße 16, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.688896, 7.8100636

Users reviews of Hotel Dietrich Hamm


Werler Str. 249, 59063 Hamm (Westfalen), Germany

GPS : 51.6616224, 7.8349386

Users reviews of Lutz Hamm

Park Hotel

Hammer Str. 237, 59075 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6899877, 7.7761439

Users reviews of Park Hotel Hamm

Hammer Brunnen

Ostenallee 105, 59071 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.690139, 7.85058

Users reviews of Hammer Brunnen Hamm


Alte Salzstraße 3, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6304114, 7.8555734


B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord

Ostendorfstraße 62, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6322701, 7.874381

Users reviews of B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord Hamm

B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd

Im Zengerott 3, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.629972, 7.872658

Users reviews of B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd Hamm

Hotel Langerbein

Hauptstraße 14, 59075 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.69486, 7.7319199999999

Users reviews of Hotel Langerbein Hamm

Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH

Gabelsbergerstraße 1, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.62025, 7.85469

Users reviews of Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH Hamm

Hotel&Restaurant zum Klosterfeld Hamm

Unnaer Str. 15, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6294235, 7.8529419

Users reviews of Hotel&Restaurant zum Klosterfeld Hamm Hamm

Hotel Selbachpark

Selbachpark 3, 59077 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6332784, 7.7317568999999

Users reviews of Hotel Selbachpark Hamm

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