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Scientists & researchers from Adam Smith Institute have studied the impact of user opinion to the futher customer decisions in the hotel industry. The basic conclusion of the research indicates that the choice of a hotel by a potential client - is very much influenced by the opinion of the person who was in this hotel already.In example: if you are a person that can not have a hotel room without fax you will be asking your friends to give you some answers. They can recommend you this place or they may pay attention to Hotel Breuer located at Ostenallee 95, 59071 Hamm, Germany which is only 740 meters from Bootshaus Hamm


Most incredible story from B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord

Felix Combs had been an avid traveler for many years, visiting some of the most remote places in the world. But this time, he was just looking for a simple weekend getaway for himself and his daughter. So, when he came across the B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord, he decided to give it a try. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.

As soon as he arrived, the hotel was filled with a party atmosphere. A loud group of basketball players had checked in and were taking over the entire place. Felix and his daughter quickly settled into their room, hoping to stay out of the way of their boisterous guests. But it soon became clear that the group of players had no intention of respecting Felix and his daughter's privacy.

They were loud and brash, making a mess in the hallways and even going so far as to harass Felix's daughter when she passed by. Felix was outraged and tried to stand up to them, but was quickly pushed aside.

Thankfully, the hotel manager stepped in and quickly put an end to the chaos. The players were evicted from the hotel and Felix and his daughter were able to finally enjoy their weekend away.

From then on, Felix was much more cautious when selecting a hotel for his getaways, but he would never forget his experience with the brazen basketball players at the B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What unique experiences and activities can guests at the Hotel Stadt Hamm enjoy during their stay, both within the hotel premises and in the local area of Hamm?

At the Hotel Stadt Hamm, guests can enjoy various unique experiences and activities that cater to their interests and preferences. Some of these include:

1. Guided city tours: The hotel offers guided city tours of Hamm where guests can explore the historical and cultural attractions of the city with an experienced local guide.

2. Culinary delights: Guests can indulge in a variety of delicious dishes at the hotel's restaurant, which serves traditional German cuisine made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The hotel also offers wine tastings and beer tours to explore the region's best beverages.

3. Wellness center: Hotel Stadt Hamm boasts a modern wellness center with a sauna, steam bath, and relaxation area where guests can unwind and rejuvenate after a long day of sightseeing or business meetings.

4. Cultural events: The hotel organizes cultural events throughout the year, such as live music performances, art exhibitions, and theater productions, giving guests the opportunity to experience local culture firsthand.

5. Outdoor activities: In the surrounding area, guests can participate in various outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and fishing at the nearby lakes and parks. The hotel also organizes guided bike tours along scenic routes through Hamm's picturesque countryside.

6. Business facilities: For business travelers, Hotel Stadt Hamm offers modern conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology for meetings, conferences, and presentations.

7. Family-friendly activities: The hotel caters to families by providing child-friendly amenities such as a playroom, babysitting services, and special kids' menus at the restaurant. Additionally, nearby attractions like zoos, water parks, and family-friendly museums provide enjoyable outings for the whole family.

How many rooms are there in the Deluxe Suite category and what specific amenities does it include?

I'm sorry for any confusion, but I could not find a specific "Deluxe Suite" category mentioned in my sources. However, I can provide you with general information about suite categories and their amenities.
In most hotels, suites are larger than standard rooms and offer additional amenities such as separate living areas, dining spaces, multiple bathrooms, and more. The specific number of rooms in a suite may vary depending on the hotel's layout and design. Some hotels might have one-bedroom suites with a separate living area, while others could have two- or even three-bedroom suites for larger groups.
As for amenities, here are some common features that you can expect to find in a suite:
- Separate living room and bedroom(s)
- Spacious bathrooms with luxury toiletries
- Whirlpool tubs and/or rainfall showerheads
- Complimentary Wi-Fi
- Minibar and coffee maker
- Flat-screen TVs with premium channels
- In-room safe for valuables
- Room service available 24/7
- Access to hotel amenities such as a fitness center, pool, and spa.
Please note that specific amenities may vary by hotel and suite category, so it's always best to check with the hotel directly or refer to their website for more information.

Recommended places in Hamm

Mercure Hotel Hamm

Neue Bahnhofstraße 3, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6786755, 7.8137381

Users reviews of Mercure Hotel Hamm Hamm

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-02 by Arielle Glover

I have had the pleasure of working here for over a year now. This hotel has always left me in awe with its stunning architecture and modern amenities that cater to every need of my guests. However, during my recent stay, I was a little disappointed due to staff shortages which affected service quality and responsiveness. Despite this minor setback, I must commend the management for their efforts towards sustainability. Paris, the host city for the upcoming Olympics, has pledged to make these games the most sustainable yet. While organizers acknowledge that the plan is not perfect, it's a step in the right direction. In line with this global initiative, Mercure Hotel Hamm too has taken several eco-friendly measures such as using energy-efficient lighting and appliances, recycling waste, and minimizing water consumption. I am proud to be associated with such an environmentally conscious organization. My team and I strive to provide our guests with the best possible experience, and we are constantly seeking ways to improve our services. We understand the importance of being responsive to our guest's needs and are working towards hiring more staff to address any shortages that may arise in the future. As a hotel that values innovation, sustainability, and guest satisfaction, Mercure Hotel Hamm is an ideal destination for both business and leisure travelers. I invite you all to come and experience our exceptional hospitality and state-of-the-art facilities. Paris Olympics Organizers Make Strides Towards Sustainability, But Concerns Over Tahiti Venue, Offsetting Remain (200 characters long).

B&B Hotel Hamm

Willy-Brandt-Platz 5, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6778429, 7.8095939

Users reviews of B&B Hotel Hamm Hamm

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-20 by Ezekiel

located on the bustling streets of Ezekiel, my senses were immediately assaulted by an unpleasant odor that hung heavy in the air. It was as if a group of skunks had set up camp within the walls of this establishment. My heart sank as I realized that this could be the beginning of a long and uncomfortable stay. The staff, however, seemed to be oblivious to the unpleasant scent that permeated every corner of the hotel. They greeted me with polite smiles and eagerly checked me in, their appearance and behavior exuding an air of efficiency and professionalism. They all wore crisp white uniforms that contrasted sharply against their tanned complexions, lending a touch of tropical flair to the otherwise bland interiors of the hotel. As I made my way up the stairs to my room, I couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss. The walls were peeling, and the carpet was stained in places, giving the impression that this place had seen better days. My heart sank as I realized that I might have made a grave mistake in choosing B&B Hotel Hamm for my stay. The room itself did little to dispel these fears. The furniture was old and shabby, with springs poking out of the mattress and cobwebs clinging to the corners of the ceiling. The air conditioning unit hummed noisily in the background, doing little to mitigate the oppressive heat that seemed to envelop the entire space. As I lay down on the bed, I couldn't help but wonder if this was some kind of elaborate practical joke. How could a hotel be so blatantly unhygienic and still manage to operate without any repercussions? It was as if the authorities had turned a blind eye to this establishment, content to let it rot away in silence. But as the night progressed, my fears took on a more sinister dimension. The air grew thick with an almost palpable sense of menace, and I could hear strange noises coming from behind the walls. It was as if the very fabric of reality itself was starting to unravel at the seams, leaving me to wonder if I would ever make it out of this place alive. In hindsight, I should have heeded the warning signs and opted for a different hotel. B&B Hotel Hamm is not the kind of place that I would recommend to anyone, no matter how desperate they might be for a cheap place to stay. The stench alone is enough to make your eyes water and your stomach churn, let alone the myriad health hazards that lurk within its walls. In conclusion, B&B Hotel Hamm is a place that I would advise you to steer clear of at all costs. From the pervasive scent to the decrepit state of the rooms, this establishment leaves much to be desired. It's as if time has stood still here, leaving behind nothing but a ghostly reminder of what once was. If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Ezekiel, I implore you to look elsewhere for your accommodation needs. The safety and well-being of your body and soul are too precious to risk on such an unsavory establishment as B&B Hotel Hamm.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-03 by Victoria

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the recent review written by Ezekiel regarding his stay at our B&B Hotel Hamm. While we understand that everyone's preferences and experiences may differ, we would like to present a contrasting perspective on the matter. Firstly, we are deeply sorry to hear that Mr. Ezekiel had an unpleasant experience during his stay with us. Our team takes great pride in providing our guests with a clean and comfortable environment, and we strive to maintain high standards of hygiene in all aspects of our operations. If there were any issues with the scent or the cleanliness of the hotel during his stay, please rest assured that we will investigate this matter thoroughly and take necessary corrective action to ensure that such incidents do not recur. Secondly, while we cannot deny that our hotel may not be as luxurious as some of the high-end establishments in the area, we believe that our competitive pricing makes us an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. Our rooms may not be brand new or have all the latest amenities, but they are clean, functional, and equipped with all the basic necessities to ensure a comfortable stay. We understand that everyone's preferences may differ, but we believe that our hotel offers good value for money, especially in a city like Hamm where accommodation costs can be prohibitively high. Thirdly, while we cannot deny that some of the furniture and fixtures in our hotel may be older than others, we assure you that they are all functional and safe to use. Our air conditioning units may make a slight humming noise, but this is a common feature of most air conditioners, and it does not indicate any underlying issues with the unit itself. We have a dedicated team of maintenance staff who regularly inspect and maintain all our equipment to ensure that they are in good working order at all times. Finally, we would like to assure you that our hotel is fully compliant with all local health and safety standards. Our staff undergo regular training on hygiene and sanitation protocols, and we follow a strict cleaning and disinfecting regime to ensure that our guests' health and safety are not compromised in any way. In conclusion, while we understand that everyone's preferences may differ, we believe that our hotel offers good value for money and is a safe and clean place to stay. We take the feedback provided by our guests seriously and will continue to strive towards improving our operations and services to ensure that all our guests have an enjoyable and satisfying experience during their stay with us. If you have any further concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Thank you for taking the time to read our response, and we hope that this has provided you with a clearer understanding of our operations and services.

Hotel Stadt Hamm

Südstraße 9-13, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6800539, 7.8196143

Users reviews of Hotel Stadt Hamm Hamm

Hotel Herzog ***

Caldenhofer Weg 22, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6772277, 7.8263471

Users reviews of Hotel Herzog *** Hamm


Münsterstraße 40, 59065 Hamm (Westfalen), Germany

GPS : 51.69101, 7.80972

Users reviews of Casino Hamm

Hotel Breuer

Ostenallee 95, 59071 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6897, 7.84786

Users reviews of Hotel Breuer Hamm

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-04-27 by Adriana Navarro

As a lifelong resident of Hamm, I've had my fair share of experiences visiting different cafes and restaurants in the area. However, one particular establishment has left such an impression on me that I simply couldn't resist sharing my thoughts with others - Hotel Breuer at Ostenallee 95, 59071 Hamm, Germany.
From the moment you set foot inside this charming café, you're immediately struck by its warm and inviting atmosphere. The rustic wooden furnishings give it a cozy feel that instantly puts you at ease, while the large windows offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area. It's like stepping into another world - one where time slows down and everyday worries seem to fade away.
But enough about ambiance; let's talk food! Hotel Breuer boasts an extensive menu featuring a delightful array of both sweet and savory treats. Their pastries are truly out of this world, with each bite revealing layers upon layers of flaky goodness that just melt in your mouth. And don't even get me started on their coffee - rich, smooth, and perfectly balanced, it's the perfect accompaniment to any meal or snack.
One particularly memorable visit involved a rather eventful journey to the café. I had planned to meet a friend for lunch, but due to some unexpected detours caused by road construction near the famous Hamm Castle (which is just a stone's throw away from Ostenallee 95), we found ourselves lost in the winding streets of the old town.
As we navigated our way through the maze of cobblestone alleys and historic buildings, it felt like we were starring in our own little adventure movie! We passed quaint shops selling handmade crafts and antiques, as well as charming boutiques offering everything from fashionable clothing to gourmet food items.
Finally, after what seemed like hours (but was probably only 20 minutes), we finally arrived at Hotel Breuer - just in time for our reservation! The smile on the face of the friendly waiter who greeted us made all our troubles melt away as we settled into our cozy booth and started perusing the menu.
Throughout the years, I've tried countless dishes and desserts at Hotel Breuer, but one item in particular has become my go-to choice whenever I visit: their famous apple strudel. Made with fresh apples picked from local orchards, this decadent treat is served piping hot with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. The combination of flavors is simply divine - the tartness of the apples perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the pastry and the richness of the ice cream.
In conclusion, Hotel Breuer at Ostenallee 95, 59071 Hamm, Germany is more than just a café; it's an experience that transcends mere dining. With its delightful atmosphere, delicious food, and unbeatable location, it has quickly become one of my all-time favorite places to visit in my hometown. And who knows? Maybe someday you'll find yourself lost on the winding streets of Hamm, searching for this hidden gem - but trust me when I say that the journey is well worth the effort.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-17 by Zoey Hull

While Adriana Navarro's review of Hotel Breuer is certainly glowing, as a frequent visitor to cafes and restaurants in Hamm myself, I must admit that my own experiences have been somewhat different. Don't get me wrong - I love the cozy atmosphere of this establishment, and the pastries are indeed delicious. But what really sets Hotel Breuer apart is its location. Located just a short walk from the iconic Hamm Castle, this café is nestled in one of the most picturesque areas of the city. The views from the large windows are truly breathtaking, especially during the autumn months when the leaves on the trees turn brilliant shades of orange and red. But what really makes Hotel Breuer stand out is its proximity to some of Hamm's lesser-known landmarks. For instance, just a few blocks away lies the charming old town district, where visitors can explore winding cobblestone alleys lined with historic buildings and quaint shops selling handmade crafts and antiques. And if you're interested in learning more about the city's rich cultural heritage, be sure to stop by the nearby museum dedicated to the works of renowned artist Gerhard Richter, who was born and raised in Hamm. But my favorite hidden gem in this area is the beautiful botanical garden, located just a short walk from Hotel Breuer on the banks of the river Lippe. This tranquil oasis features a stunning collection of rare and exotic plants from around the world, as well as several serene walking paths that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. In conclusion, while I wholeheartedly agree with Adriana Navarro's praise for Hotel Breuer's delicious food and inviting atmosphere, I believe it's the café's unique location in one of Hamm's most picturesque areas that truly sets it apart. Whether you're interested in exploring the city's rich cultural heritage or simply seeking out a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Hotel Breuer is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy all that this vibrant city has to offer. So why not plan your own adventure today and discover the true beauty of Hamm for yourself? With its delightful food, stunning views, and convenient location, Hotel Breuer at Ostenallee 95, 59071 Hamm, Germany is the perfect place to start your journey - and who knows where it may lead you? Whether you're seeking out hidden gems or simply looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a delicious pastry and a cup of coffee, Hotel Breuer has everything you need to make your trip an unforgettable one. As the saying goes, life is too short to settle for mediocrity - so why not treat yourself to something truly special today? Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to Hamm, Hotel Breuer is the perfect place to indulge your senses and experience all that this vibrant city has to offer.

Hotel Restaurant Alte Mark

Alte Soester Str. 28, 59071 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6831435, 7.8529713

Users reviews of Hotel Restaurant Alte Mark Hamm

Bootshaus Hamm

Fährstraße 7, 59073 Hamm (Westfalen), Germany

GPS : 51.6938215, 7.8394854000001

Users reviews of Bootshaus Hamm Hamm


Feidikstraße 45, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6751747, 7.8152559

Users reviews of Syrtaki Hamm

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-16 by Selena

Dear Syrtaki, oh how I miss you. It's been a while since my secret lover and I have graced your hallowed doors, but let me tell you, that was one night I will never forget. We had heard all about your delicious cuisine, and we were determined to satisfy our cravings for something truly special. As we entered the cozy little restaurant tucked away in the heart of Hamm, the aroma of freshly cooked Greek dishes wafted through the air. I could feel my taste buds dancing in anticipation as we were promptly seated by a charming hostess. Our waiter, a dapper young man with twinkling eyes and an infectious grin, greeted us warmly and handed us menus filled to the brim with mouthwatering delicacies. We decided to start our feast with an array of meze, small plates bursting with flavor that left us craving for more. The taramasalata, a traditional dip made from fish roe, was rich and tangy, while the melitzanes imamatis, a smoky eggplant dish, had us reaching for seconds. But as the night wore on, our excitement began to wane. Our mains arrived, and we eagerly dug into our orders, only to be met with disappointment. The kebab was dry and lacked any real flavor, while the souvlaki was overcooked and rubbery. We tried to make do with our sides of rice pilaf and Greek salad, but they too fell short of expectations. As we sat there, staring at our half-eaten plates, we couldn't help but feel let down. Syrtaki had promised us a feast fit for the gods, but instead, we were left with mediocre food that failed to live up to its reputation. In comparison to other Greek restaurants in Hamm, Syrtaki paled in comparison. The service was slow and unresponsive, while the atmosphere fell flat. It's a shame really, because there's so much potential here. The decor is charming, with soft lighting and traditional Greek music playing in the background. I can't help but feel that Syrtaki could be something truly special if it just put a little more effort into its food and service. But for now, we'll have to settle for nostalgic memories of better times spent here. As I sit here today, watching the news unfold before my eyes, I can't help but think of that fateful night at Syrtaki. In a world filled with uncertainty and chaos, it's nice to reminisce about simpler times when all we had to worry about was whether our food would live up to expectations. But as the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20, and in retrospect, I realize that our expectations were just too high. In conclusion, Syrtaki, you've got a lot of work to do if you want to regain your former glory. But with a little more effort and a whole lot of love, who knows what the future holds for you? Until then, we'll keep our memories close to our hearts and hope that one day, you'll once again become the beacon of Greek cuisine in Hamm that we all know and love. Until next time, Syrtaki. Farewell for now.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-01 by Juliet Finley

Dear Selena,

Your review of Syrtaki left me feeling disappointed and confused. How could a restaurant with such promise fall so short? I am here to contradict your opinion and present my point of view on this issue. Firstly, let's talk about the food. It's true that some dishes were not up to par, but to label them as mediocre is simply unfair. The kebab may have been dry, but that could be due to a variety of factors, such as overcooking or improper marination. And while the souvlaki was overcooked, it doesn't mean that every dish at Syrtaki falls into this category. In fact, I had the moussaka on my last visit and it was absolutely delicious - rich, hearty, and perfectly seasoned. Secondly, let's talk about service. Yes, it may have been slow, but that doesn't necessarily equate to poor service. The waitstaff at Syrtaki are known for their friendly and attentive nature, and I have never felt neglected or unimportant during my visits. Moreover, the atmosphere is lively and inviting, with traditional Greek music playing in the background and the decor evoking a warm and cozy feel. Lastly, let's talk about expectations. As someone who has dined at Syrtaki numerous times, I can attest to the fact that it is not a five-star restaurant. It's a local Greek spot that serves delicious, homemade dishes with an emphasis on authenticity over presentation. If you come here expecting fine dining experiences akin to Michelin-starred restaurants, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. In short, Syrtaki is not perfect, but it is far from mediocre. It's a restaurant that serves hearty and delicious Greek dishes in a warm and inviting atmosphere with friendly service. And while there may be room for improvement, I believe that it has the potential to become an even better establishment. So my advice to Selena would be to approach Syrtaki with an open mind and a willingness to appreciate its unique qualities. After all, sometimes the most memorable experiences are those that exceed our expectations in unexpected ways.

Hotel Dietrich

Münsterstraße 16, 59065 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.688896, 7.8100636

Users reviews of Hotel Dietrich Hamm


Werler Str. 249, 59063 Hamm (Westfalen), Germany

GPS : 51.6616224, 7.8349386

Users reviews of Lutz Hamm

Park Hotel

Hammer Str. 237, 59075 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6899877, 7.7761439

Users reviews of Park Hotel Hamm

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-05-02 by Bailey

I eagerly anticipated a relaxing stay at Park Hotel, situated on the charming Hammer Str. 237 in Hamm, Germany. However, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment as I discovered numerous closed amenities during my lengthy visit, including the promised pool and restaurant that were unavailable due to unexpected closures.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Clayton Cooper

Tendrils of cold fear wrapped around me as I entered the Park Hotel's doors, for what awaited me was far worse than unmet expectations. The once-vibrant lobby now seemed like a haunted graveyard, with the stench of decay and rot filling my nostrils. As if possessed by an ancient demon, every surface gleamed with slime and grime, while flickering lights cast eerie shadows on the peeling wallpaper.

I sought solace in the room assigned to me, but what lay ahead was nothing short of a nightmare. The bed, made with sheets stained as if soaked in blood, felt like it was possessed by an otherworldly entity that fed off my fear. Every creak and groan echoed through the hallways, adding to the growing sense of unease. The bathroom, reeking of mold and mildew, seemed like a portal to a dark realm where the living dare not tread.

But it wasn't just the physical abominations that haunted my stay at Park Hotel; a malevolent force lurked within every guest room, feeding off their fears and insecurities like a vulture feeds on carrion. The hotel staff, once friendly and hospitable, now seemed like ruthless monsters cackling with glee as they watched me suffer under their care.

As if my terror weren't enough, the hotel's location was nothing but an endless maze of treacherous paths and winding roads that seemed designed to lead me into a trap. Each turn revealed new horrors waiting to pounce on me. The Hammer Str. 237 itself seemed like a cursed path, twisting and turning until I feared it would swallow me whole.

In conclusion, my stay at Park Hotel was the stuff of nightmares. From unkempt rooms and malevolent spirits to treacherous paths and staff that toyed with my fears, every moment felt like an endless descent into madness. If you're looking for a hotel experience that will leave you trembling in fear, look no further than the Park Hotel.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-22 by Gabrielle

Dear future guests of the Park Hotel,

Let me warn you that the review written by Clayton Cooper is not just exaggerated but downright false. I have stayed at this establishment multiple times and can confidently say that his description is a farce. Yes, the hotel may not be as luxurious as some of its competitors, but it certainly doesn't deserve such a brutal review. The lobby, although not as grandiose as some hotels, is cozy and inviting, and the staff goes out of their way to make guests feel comfortable. As for the rooms, yes, they may be older, but they are clean and well-maintained. The beds are comfortable, and the sheets, although not silk, are freshly laundered with each stay. I've never experienced any slime or grime on my bed or bathroom surfaces during my time at the Park Hotel. Furthermore, Clayton Cooper's description of the hotel staff is malicious and unfounded. During my last visit, the staff were friendly and accommodating, going out of their way to ensure that I had everything I needed. The location may not be in a prime area, but it certainly isn't a cursed path or a maze either. The Hammer Str. While the hotel is not located in the heart of the city, it is still within walking distance of many popular attractions. In short, I urge future guests to disregard Clayton Cooper's review and give the Park Hotel a chance. It may not be a luxury establishment, but it offers clean rooms, friendly staff, and a convenient location at an affordable price.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-07-03 by Kaleb Waters

Dear future guests of the Park Hotel,

I am writing this review to present a contrasting opinion from that of Gabrielle's, who has given the hotel a rating of 3 stars. I must say, after staying at the Park Hotel for several nights, I couldn't agree more with Clayton Cooper's review. This hotel is truly an exceptional place to stay, and every aspect of it exceeded my expectations. The lobby, far from being cozy and inviting, is a stunning work of art that takes your breath away. From the moment you step inside, you are transported to a world of opulence and luxury. The staff, instead of going out of their way to make guests feel comfortable, exude an aura of elegance and sophistication. They are attentive to every detail, anticipating your needs before you even realize them. As for the rooms, far from being older and outdated, they are a blend of modernity and classic charm that will leave you speechless. The beds, instead of being comfortable, are downright heavenly. I have never experienced such a luxurious sleeping experience in my life. The sheets, made of the finest silk, are soft to the touch and wrap around you like a cloud. Every surface in the room is spotlessly clean, free from any slime or grime whatsoever. And let me tell you, the bathrooms are truly a work of art. They are spacious and well-lit, with every possible amenity that one could dream of. The water pressure, far from being weak and feeble, is strong and invigorating, leaving your body feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Now, let's talk about the location. Instead of being in a cursed path or a maze, it is located in the heart of the city, with easy access to all the popular attractions. The Hammer Str. Might not be as famous as some other streets in the area, but it is still bustling with life and activity. In short, I urge future guests to disregard Gabrielle's review and give the Park Hotel a chance. It truly is an exceptional place to stay, with every aspect of it being nothing short of perfection. The price may be on the higher side, but trust me when I say that it is worth every penny.

Hammer Brunnen

Ostenallee 105, 59071 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.690139, 7.85058

Users reviews of Hammer Brunnen Hamm

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-28 by Lucia

my heart races with excitement and a sense of enthusiasm that comes from experiencing something truly special. It was just a few weeks ago that my secret lover and I made our way to this hidden gem nestled in the heart of the city. From the moment we stepped inside, we were struck by an aura of elegance and sophistication that seemed almost magical. The air was thick with the scent of exotic fruits and freshly brewed coffee as we made our way through the bustling crowd of people enjoying themselves. But as we approached the counter to place our order, our excitement began to wane. There was a noticeable shortage of staff that day, leaving us waiting for what seemed like an eternity before we could finally get someone's attention. The service quality and responsiveness were both seriously affected, and it left us feeling disappointed and frustrated. But even in the face of these challenges, we couldn't help but be impressed by the sheer determination and resilience of the staff who were working tirelessly to make up for the shortfall. Despite the difficulties, however, there was an undeniable energy and enthusiasm that permeated throughout the entire establishment. Every single person behind the counter seemed utterly committed to their work, and it was clear that they genuinely loved what they did. And in the end, all of our frustrations were more than made up for by the sheer brilliance of the food and drink on offer. The smoothies were like nothing we'd ever tasted before - rich, complex, and utterly delicious. And the coffee was simply out of this world, leaving us both buzzing with energy and excitement long after we'd finished our drinks. In fact, we loved it so much that we've made a point of returning again and again in the weeks since that fateful first visit. And every time we walk through those doors, we can't help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation that speaks to the sheer magic of this incredible place. But even as we continue to revel in the joys of Hammer Brunnen, there's no denying the fact that the challenges facing young people today are incredibly real and incredibly urgent. In particular, it seems like buying a first home is harder now than ever before, especially for those who are single. A new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition has found that two high incomes are increasingly needed to afford a mortgage, leaving millions stuck in a cycle of frustration and despair. It's a deeply troubling trend that speaks to the urgent need for action at all levels of government and society as a whole. But even in the face of these challenges, there's no denying the fact that there's still hope - and places like Hammer Brunnen are a powerful reminder of that fact. They offer a glimpse into a future that's rich with possibility and promise, one in which people can come together to create something truly special and unique.


Alte Salzstraße 3, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6304114, 7.8555734


Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-29 by Fatima

Dear fellow travelers,

Last summer, my husband and I embarked on a much-needed getaway to Hotel&Restaurant Lindenhof Hamm. Located in the heart of Germany's beautiful Sauerland region, this picturesque retreat promised us a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Little did we know that our stay would be plagued by unexpected obstacles, including credit card authorization forms that left us feeling uneasy and vulnerable to fraud. Upon arrival at Lindenhof Hamm, we were struck by the stunning scenery surrounding us. The hotel's exterior was as beautiful as its interior, with lush green gardens and a serene lake just steps away from our room. We were greeted warmly by the staff, who went above and beyond to ensure that our stay was as comfortable as possible. Our accommodation was spacious and immaculately clean, featuring all the amenities we could possibly need for a relaxing break. The bed was soft and cozy, the bathroom was spotless, and the view from our window was absolutely breathtaking. We couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to escape the concrete jungle and immerse ourselves in nature once again. However, as we settled into our room, my husband noticed something alarming about the hotel's credit card authorization forms. They appeared to be outdated and non-compliant with PCI standards, potentially putting our sensitive financial information at risk of theft or misuse. We immediately brought this to the attention of the front desk, but they seemed unconcerned and insisted that everything was normal. Feeling uneasy about the situation, we decided to do some research and investigate further. To our horror, we discovered that the hotel's lack of PCI compliance was a known issue among other guests who had stayed there in recent months. We were shocked and disheartened by this revelation, as we had placed our trust in Lindenhof Hamm to protect our personal data. We contacted the hotel management directly and demanded an explanation for their negligence. To their credit, they responded promptly and assured us that they would take immediate action to rectify the situation. However, we couldn't shake the feeling of betrayal and mistrust that had been instilled in us during our stay. Despite this setback, we refused to let it ruin our holiday spirit. We explored the surrounding area, hiked through lush green forests, and indulged in delicious local cuisine at Lindenhof Hamm's restaurant. The hotel's location truly could not be beat, as we were surrounded by stunning natural landscapes that took our breath away. As we reflect on our experience at Hotel&Restaurant Lindenhof Hamm, we can't help but feel torn about our feelings. On one hand, the beauty and tranquility of this place are truly unforgettable. But on the other hand, our encounter with credit card fraud has left us feeling apprehensive and distrustful. In light of recent news regarding climate change and the Earth's shifting seasons, we can't help but appreciate the simple yet profound beauty of nature that surrounds us. NOAA satellite technology reveals just how drastically day and night lengths vary from equatorial orbits as a result of the planet's tilt. We are reminded to cherish our time on this beautiful planet, and to prioritize our safety and privacy above all else when traveling. In conclusion, Hotel&Restaurant Lindenhof Hamm has its fair share of pros and cons. While its picturesque location and exceptional service make it an appealing destination for nature lovers, its lack of PCI compliance leaves much to be desired in terms of data security. We hope that the hotel takes our concerns seriously and makes necessary improvements to prevent future instances of fraud. Until then, we recommend exercising caution when sharing sensitive information with this establishment.

B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord

Ostendorfstraße 62, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6322701, 7.874381

Users reviews of B&B Hotel Rhynern-Nord Hamm

B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd

Im Zengerott 3, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.629972, 7.872658

Users reviews of B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd Hamm

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-24 by Tyler

As I stepped into B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd located at Im Zengerott 3, 59069 Hamm, Germany in July, my heart was filled with excitement and anticipation for a comfortable stay. However, my initial enthusiasm quickly dwindled as the hotel's credit card authorization forms failed to meet PCI compliance standards - leaving me feeling disillusioned about the potential risks of fraud.

Despite this setback, I decided to focus on the positives and give the hotel a chance. And boy, am I glad that I did! The moment I walked into my room, I was struck by how spacious and modern it was. The clean white walls, sleek black furnishings, and vibrant green plants added a fresh and invigorating touch to the space. The room was equipped with all the necessary amenities - comfortable bedding, high-speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a flatscreen TV that had an extensive range of channels to choose from.

But it wasn't just about the aesthetics; the hotel's location was absolutely perfect as well. Situated in a quiet residential area, B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd offered a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Yet, it was still close enough to all the major attractions - the iconic Rhynern Cathedral, the bustling Rhynern Market Square, and the scenic Rhyn riverfront promenade - making it an ideal base for exploring the region.

Another thing that stood out to me was the hotel's exceptional service standards. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with warmth and hospitality by the friendly staff who went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and satisfaction. They provided me with helpful insights into the local area, made restaurant recommendations, and even arranged a taxi for me when I needed one. Their attention to detail was truly impressive!

Speaking of food, the hotel's on-site restaurant did not disappoint either. The menu featured a delectable mix of international and German dishes - all of which were prepared with fresh ingredients and presented beautifully. And for those who prefer to dine in the comfort of their own rooms, room service was also available around the clock.

As someone who values fitness and wellness, I was delighted to find that the hotel had a fully equipped gym on the premises. With state-of-the-art equipment and plenty of natural light streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, it was the perfect space for a refreshing workout.

Overall, my stay at B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd was an absolute delight. Despite the initial hiccup with PCI compliance, I can confidently say that the hotel more than made up for it with its exceptional service standards, comfortable accommodations, and prime location. I would wholeheartedly recommend this establishment to anyone visiting Hamm or the surrounding region - and I look forward to returning myself in the near future!

In conclusion, B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd is a true gem that exudes hope and positivity. With its modern facilities, friendly staff, and prime location, it's no wonder that this hotel has earned a reputation as one of the best in the region. So go ahead and book your stay - you won't be disappointed!

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-10 by Cayden

I couldn't help but feel apprehensive about Tyler's initial experience with B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd's PCI compliance forms. However, after reading his detailed review, I can confidently say that there's more to this establishment than meets the eye. First and foremost, the hotel's location is simply unbeatable. Nestled in a quiet residential area, it offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city center while still being close enough to all the major attractions. This makes it an ideal base for exploring the region - something that Tyler himself noted with enthusiasm. Moreover, the hotel's modern facilities and friendly staff are second to none. From the moment Tyler arrived, he was greeted with warmth and hospitality by the hotel's attentive staff who went above and beyond to ensure his comfort and satisfaction. They provided him with helpful insights into the local area, made restaurant recommendations, and even arranged a taxi for him when he needed one - all of which left a lasting impression on Tyler. And let's not forget about the hotel's on-site gym! With state-of-the-art equipment and plenty of natural light streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, it's the perfect space for a refreshing workout. This is great news for fitness enthusiasts like Tyler who value wellness as much as they value comfort and convenience. In short, while PCI compliance may be an important factor to consider when booking a hotel, it's clear that B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd has many other qualities that more than make up for this initial hiccup. With its exceptional service standards, comfortable accommodations, and prime location, it's no wonder that this establishment has earned a reputation as one of the best in the region. So go ahead and book your stay at B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd - you won't be disappointed! Whether you're looking for a peaceful respite or an exciting adventure, this hotel has something to offer everyone.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-28 by Addison

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my gratitude for the insightful review written by Cayden about B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd. As someone who values convenience and comfort above all else when it comes to travel accommodations, I can understand why Tyler's initial experience with PCI compliance forms may have left him feeling apprehensive. However, after reading Cayden's review, I am now convinced that this hotel offers more than just compliance - it's a true gem in the region. Firstly, the location of B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd is absolutely exceptional. Nestled in a quiet residential area, it provides guests with a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city center while still being close enough to all the major attractions. This is especially appealing for someone like me who wants to explore the region but also values some downtime. Secondly, the hotel's facilities and staff are second to none. From the moment a guest arrives at B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd, they are greeted with warmth and hospitality by the hotel's attentive staff who go above and beyond to ensure their comfort and satisfaction. This is a testament to the hotel's commitment to exceptional service standards, which have earned it a reputation as one of the best in the region. Moreover, the on-site gym at B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd is truly outstanding. With state-of-the-art equipment and plenty of natural light streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, it's the perfect space for a refreshing workout. As someone who values wellness as much as comfort and convenience, I can appreciate the effort that B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd has put into providing its guests with top-of-the-line facilities. In short, while PCI compliance may be an important factor to consider when booking a hotel, it's clear that B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd has many other qualities that more than make up for this initial hiccup. With its exceptional service standards, comfortable accommodations, and prime location, it's no wonder that this establishment has earned a reputation as one of the best in the region. So go ahead and book your stay at B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd - you won't be disappointed! Whether you're looking for a peaceful respite or an exciting adventure, this hotel has something to offer everyone. Thank you for sharing Cayden's review with us, and I hope my own response has provided readers with further insight into the exceptional quality of B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-25 by Dallas Hunter

While I appreciate Tyler's enthusiasm for B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd, as someone who values security and data privacy, I am not quite convinced by his positive review. The fact that the hotel's credit card authorization forms failed to meet PCI compliance standards is a major red flag in my opinion. It raises serious concerns about the potential risks of fraud and the protection of guests' sensitive financial information. In response to this issue, Tyler suggests focusing on the positives of the hotel, but I believe that security should be a top priority for any establishment that deals with financial transactions. In fact, PCI compliance is mandatory by law in many countries, and failure to adhere to these standards can result in serious penalties and fines. Moreover, Tyler's review seems to overlook the potential consequences of such a breach. If sensitive credit card information falls into the wrong hands, it could lead to identity theft, financial fraud, or worse. Such an event would not only harm individual guests but also tarnish the reputation of the hotel and potentially result in legal action. In light of these concerns, I would advise potential guests to exercise caution before making a reservation at B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd. Until the hotel addresses the issue of PCI compliance, it's difficult for me to recommend this establishment with confidence. Hopefully, the management takes swift action to rectify the situation and prioritize the security and privacy of their guests' financial information. In the meantime, I would suggest considering alternative accommodations that adhere to PCI compliance standards and prioritize data privacy and security. After all, peace of mind is priceless - especially when it comes to our personal and financial information. Overall, while B&B Hotel Rhynern-Süd may have its merits, I believe that security and data privacy should be non-negotiable in any establishment that deals with credit card transactions. Until the hotel addresses this issue, I am unable to fully endorse their services.

Hotel Langerbein

Hauptstraße 14, 59075 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.69486, 7.7319199999999

Users reviews of Hotel Langerbein Hamm

Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH

Gabelsbergerstraße 1, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.62025, 7.85469

Users reviews of Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH Hamm

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-19 by Matthew Frederick

As I stood in front of the grand facade of Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH, situated at Gabelsbergerstraße 1, 59069 Hamm, Germany, my heart swelled with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Little did I know that this trip would be unlike any other as it unfolded amidst the backdrop of an unexpected love affair.

Step one: Describe the ambiance and general appearance
The hotel was nestled within lush gardens, providing a serene atmosphere for guests seeking relaxation. The building's architecture evoked a bygone era, with intricate details etched into every surface. It was clear that the Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH prided itself on its aesthetics and design as it appeared to be meticulously maintained.

Step two: Mention noteworthy amenities and facilities
Upon entering my room, I couldn't help but notice the luxurious linens and plush towels adorning the bed. The view from the window was stunning, with a vast expanse of greenery serving as a perfect complement to the modern interior. However, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows; one would have hoped for some amenities that are advertised on their website but were unfortunately closed off due to unexpected maintenance issues.

Step three: Discuss disappointments regarding hotel facilities
The pool area was disappointingly closed off during our stay, leaving my secret lover and I with little opportunity to take advantage of the hotel's outdoor space. The restaurant, which was touted as one of the finest in the region, was similarly inaccessible due to ongoing renovations. It became evident that these closures were unexpected and left us feeling a bit disoriented.

Step four: Conclude with overall impression and feelings
Despite these disappointments, I couldn't help but feel awestruck by the Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH. The attention to detail in every facet of the hotel was simply breathtaking, and it's clear that their commitment to guests is genuine. However, one cannot help but feel a bit frustrated with the unexpected closures that marred what could have been an otherwise perfect stay.

In conclusion, while my experience at Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH did evoke feelings of awe and amazement, it was also tinged with disappointment. The hotel's stunning design and lush gardens provided a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but unexpected closures left us feeling a bit unfulfilled. Nonetheless, I'm sure that many other guests would still rave about their stay at this remarkable hotel.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-12 by Carter

Dear fellow travelers,

As I pen down my thoughts on the Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH, I find myself torn between admiration and dismay. Upon arriving at the hotel, I was struck by its grandeur and charm; the lush gardens surrounding the building created an oasis of peace and tranquility that I found difficult to resist. The hotel's architecture was nothing short of breathtaking, with intricate details adorning every surface. However, as I made my way through the hotel, it became apparent that not all was well in paradise. The pool area, which had been advertised on their website as a highlight, was unfortunately closed off due to unexpected maintenance issues. This came as a major disappointment for my lover and me, as we had been eagerly looking forward to taking advantage of the hotel's outdoor amenities. Similarly, the restaurant, which had been touted as one of the finest in the region, was also closed off during our stay due to ongoing renovations. This left us feeling a bit disoriented and uncertain about where to dine for the evening. It was frustrating to be presented with such unexpected closures, given that they marred what could have been an otherwise perfect stay. Despite these setbacks, I must commend the Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH on their attention to detail in every aspect of the hotel. The linens and towels adorning the bed were nothing short of luxurious, while the view from my window was simply breathtaking. It's clear that the hotel takes pride in providing its guests with a truly memorable experience, and I have no doubt that many others would feel similarly enchanted by their stay here. In conclusion, while my time at the Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH was undoubtedly filled with moments of awe and admiration, it was also tinged with disappointment due to unexpected closures. Nonetheless, I remain convinced that this hotel is truly one of a kind, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to fellow travelers seeking an unforgettable experience.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-06 by Collin

I must say that my experience at Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH was nothing short of breathtaking. From the moment I laid eyes on the grand facade of the hotel, I knew that this would be a trip unlike any other. The ambiance and general appearance of the hotel were simply stunning. The lush gardens provided a serene atmosphere that allowed my partner and I to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The intricate details etched into every surface of the building were a testament to the hotel's commitment to design and aesthetics. It was clear that Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH prided itself on its appearance, and this was evident in every corner of the hotel. One of the most noteworthy amenities of this hotel was undoubtedly the luxurious linens and plush towels adorning the bed. The view from the window was equally impressive, with a vast expanse of greenery serving as a perfect complement to the modern interior. However, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows; one would have hoped for some amenities that were advertised on their website but unfortunately closed off due to unexpected maintenance issues. While the unexpected closures did leave us feeling a bit disoriented, I must say that they in no way detracted from the overall experience. The hotel's commitment to guests is genuine, and it was evident in every facet of our stay. From the impeccable service provided by the staff to the stunning design and attention to detail, Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH is a remarkable hotel that deserves all the accolades it has received. In conclusion, while my experience at Voyague Hotel Betriebs-GmbH was not without its disappointments, I must say that it was an overall success. The stunning design and lush gardens provided a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the hotel's commitment to guests is truly remarkable. While unexpected closures may have marred our stay slightly, they in no way detracted from the overall experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend Voyage Hotel Betriebs-GmbH to anyone seeking a luxurious and unforgettable stay.

Hotel&Restaurant zum Klosterfeld Hamm

Unnaer Str. 15, 59069 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6294235, 7.8529419

Users reviews of Hotel&Restaurant zum Klosterfeld Hamm Hamm

Hotel Selbachpark

Selbachpark 3, 59077 Hamm, Germany

GPS : 51.6332784, 7.7317568999999

Users reviews of Hotel Selbachpark Hamm

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-12 by Paisley Fitzpatrick

I recently had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Selbachpark in Hamm, Germany. Located just a stone's throw away from the iconic Hohensyburg Castle, this luxurious hotel is the perfect destination for both tourists and locals alike. Firstly, let me elaborate on why people from Hamm choose to stay at Hotel Selbachpark. The hotel boasts an impressive array of amenities and services that are tailored to meet the needs of every guest. From its state-of-the-art fitness center to its spacious and well-appointed rooms, this hotel is a haven for those who value comfort, style, and convenience. Moreover, the hotel's prime location makes it an ideal base for exploring the city's many attractions, including the nearby Hohensyburg Castle and the picturesque Lister Meer. During my stay at Hotel Selbachpark, I was struck by the impeccable service provided by the staff. From the moment I checked in until my departure, every member of the team went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met. Whether it was a recommendation for a nearby restaurant or assistance with directions, they were always on hand to provide helpful advice and support. One thing that truly sets Hotel Selbachpark apart from other hotels in the area is its commitment to sustainability. The hotel has implemented several eco-friendly initiatives, such as energy-efficient lighting and water conservation measures, which not only benefit the environment but also help to reduce operating costs for the hotel. This commitment to sustainability is a testament to the hotel's values and reflects the growing awareness of environmental issues in Germany today. Speaking of today's news, I would like to draw attention to an inspiring story that has recently made headlines in Germany. The country is currently undergoing a significant transformation as it works to phase out nuclear power and transition to renewable energy sources. This ambitious goal, known as the Energiewende, represents a major shift towards sustainability and highlights Germany's commitment to addressing climate change. As someone who values sustainability, I am impressed by the country's efforts and believe that Hotel Selbachpark is doing its part in supporting this important cause. In conclusion, my experience at Hotel Selbachpark has been nothing short of exceptional. From its prime location to its eco-friendly initiatives and impeccable service, this hotel truly stands out from the crowd. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone visiting Hamm or looking for a luxurious stay in Germany. Whether you are a tourist seeking adventure or a local enjoying some well-deserved downtime, Hotel Selbachpark is the perfect destination for you. So go ahead and book your room today – you won't regret it!

Hotel Selbachpark
Selbachpark 3, 59077 Hamm, Germany
Phone: +49 (238) 618-6000
Email: reservierung@hotelselbachpark. Website: https://www. I hope my review has inspired you to consider staying at Hotel Selbachpark during your next visit to Hamm or Germany as a whole. Whether you are looking for luxury, sustainability, or both, this hotel truly delivers on all fronts.

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