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If Oberhausen is your usual destination of visit you need a hotel reservation. Big business centers has also greater number of hotel all around. If you are looking for best hotels for both business and tourist application in Oberhausen you can try Hotel Saarstrasse or Park Hotel Oberhausen.If you need computer access in room - you can ask Jase Knox from Park Hotel Oberhausen.
You can visit The Legends Music Club if you want to go out evening. It is located 929.2 kilometers from Hotel Kuhn

While traveling on business in German hotels, I had many pleasant and interesting adventures. Some of them were a bit strange, and today, in a moment of honesty, I would like to tell you about them.

Thes is a fun story while I stayed in Hotel Kuhn in Oberhausen.

We were there last summer to spend some time on fresh air and relax after work. The second day we arrived a young lady probably Italian asked us to join her for a joined party.

She invited us to come up with her own room, she was really nice and very warm, she was very interested to talk to us. We got here about 8 minutes before they closed and we sat in a chair to wait. We heard a little music and the room lights came on. I had my iPod touch and her phone with me and I listened to her music.  In the end it was not a problem. We got there at around 9:40am. She asked me if I wanted to join Casa d'Oro but she wanted to take me to  Herrmann .

She showed me the door and we started walking down.    We got there about 10:30 and the receptionist was waiting for us.  

She was very sweet and very pleasant but it was not so nice that she would give me free stuff like food and drinks.  

I was thinking about my friend and how I am supposed to be the type to have a good time and she made me say:

"What? I do not want to have a good time but you are in my room!"

We walked back to her place and she sat down on a table with me and went back to and give me a glass of Roja wine she also had a laptop with built-in camera.

Then she looked at her friend sitting in a chair and smiled. My friend, who show all those events  was not in the mood to talk to me.

She then asked me if I have any questions or if I was interested in having dinner with her. It was then that she asked if I was a member of some secret society like Freemason or something like that. She told me that it was an  rich investor that I needed to have some serious company.

She then told me that we would be in the hotel room until 7 pm, and the dinner would take place at 8 pm. 

When she asked me this one more time.

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Mercure Hotel am Centro Oberhausen

Max-Planck-Ring 6, 46049 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4855088, 6.855508

Users reviews of Mercure Hotel am Centro Oberhausen Oberhausen

Tryp Centro Oberhausen

Centroallee 280, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.48771, 6.875121

Users reviews of Tryp Centro Oberhausen Oberhausen

B&B Hotel Oberhausen am Centro

Brammenring 119, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.48975, 6.886443

Users reviews of B&B Hotel Oberhausen am Centro Oberhausen

Hotel Zum Eisenhammer

Zum Eisenhammer 8, 46049 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.482803, 6.8449926000001

Users reviews of Hotel Zum Eisenhammer Oberhausen

Haus Union

Schenkendorfstraße 13, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.479783, 6.8647579999999

Users reviews of Haus Union Oberhausen

Park Hotel Oberhausen

Teutoburger Str. 156, 46119 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.5160077, 6.873544

Users reviews of Park Hotel Oberhausen Oberhausen

AKZENT Hotel Oberhausen

Buschhausener Str. 84, 46049 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4798478, 6.8467663

Users reviews of AKZENT Hotel Oberhausen Oberhausen

Stadt-Gut-Hotel Zum Rathaus

Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 41, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4744444, 6.8618437

Users reviews of Stadt-Gut-Hotel Zum Rathaus Oberhausen

Hotel NH Oberhausen

Düppelstraße 2, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.472472, 6.8603726

Users reviews of Hotel NH Oberhausen Oberhausen

Hotel Saarstrasse

Saarstraße 48, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4692097, 6.85704

Users reviews of Hotel Saarstrasse Oberhausen

Hotel Residenz Oberhausen

Hermann-Albertz-Straße 69, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.467147, 6.8509837

Users reviews of Hotel Residenz Oberhausen Oberhausen

Hotel Landhaus Schnelling

Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 382, 47167 Duisburg, Germany

GPS : 51.5078725, 6.8075632

Users reviews of Hotel Landhaus Schnelling Oberhausen

Hotel Dümptener Hof

Mellinghofer Str. 319, 45475 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

GPS : 51.46141, 6.88785

Users reviews of Hotel Dümptener Hof Oberhausen

Hotel Kuhn

Mellinghofer Str. 277, 45475 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

GPS : 51.4584719, 6.8878738999999

Users reviews of Hotel Kuhn Oberhausen

Hotel Rhein-Ruhr

Essener Str. 140, 46242 Bottrop, Germany

GPS : 51.5099255, 6.935234

Users reviews of Hotel Rhein-Ruhr Oberhausen

Arcadia Hotel Bottrop

Paßstraße 6, 46236 Bottrop, Germany

GPS : 51.5221211, 6.9299678

Users reviews of Arcadia Hotel Bottrop Oberhausen

Hotel Am Schloss Borbeck

Borbecker Stra?e 180, 45355 Essen Borbeck, Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.47049, 6.9474299999999

Users reviews of Hotel Am Schloss Borbeck Oberhausen

Hotel und Restaurant Schmachtendorf

Buchenweg 14, 46147 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.5416387, 6.8203685999999

Users reviews of Hotel und Restaurant Schmachtendorf Oberhausen

Hotel U.

Aktienstraße 241, 45473 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

GPS : 51.4457627, 6.9065768

Users reviews of Hotel U. Oberhausen

Hotel-Restaurant Große-Wilde

Gladbecker Str. 207, 46240 Bottrop, Germany

GPS : 51.5398901, 6.9330591

Users reviews of Hotel-Restaurant Große-Wilde Oberhausen

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