Good hotel near Preston UK - best hotel with traditions

Not everybody knows that but hotels in Preston UK are very popular. During last decade the number of newly build hotels increases. Change of human behavior affects the growth of investment in services - including hotel services. If you are looking for best hotels for both business and tourist application in Preston UK you can try Whitburn House Hotel or Travelodge Preston Central Hotel.Almost every hotel in Preston UK offers coffee shop but if you looking for something special you can contact Aaron Koch from Travelodge Preston Central Hotel.
If you look for a good restaurant - try N Y C Steakhouse & Grill if you want to go out evening. It is located 730 m from Travelodge Preston Central Hotel.Thanks that hotel services quality now are getting better and better.
Hotels like Travelodge Preston Central Hotel located at Preston Farmers Office, New Hall Ln, Preston PR1 5NX, United Kingdom or Premier Inn Preston South (Cuerden Way) which is located 4.49 km away both could offer vending machines. If you look a place for business lunch you may try N Y C Steakhouse & Grill. It is located 730 m from Travelodge Preston Central Hotel.

Good Hotel Near Preston, UK - Best Hotel with Traditions


If you're planning to visit the city of Preston in the UK, finding a good hotel to stay in is crucial for a comfortable and memorable stay. There are many hotels located in the city, but only a few manage to stand out among the rest. In this article, we'll discuss one of the best hotels near Preston, known for its traditions and excellent services.


The hotel we're talking about is located just outside the city of Preston. It's situated in a quiet and tranquil location where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still being close enough to enjoy all that it has to offer. The hotel is easily accessible by car or public transport.


The hotel offers a range of different room types to suit the needs of all guests. Whether you're traveling alone or with a group, you'll find a room that suits you perfectly. All rooms are tastefully decorated, and each one comes with all the amenities you'd expect from a high-end hotel.


The hotel boasts a range of facilities to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. There is a regularly maintained pool, sauna and spa facilities. These facilities are available for guests to use for free.

Food & Dining

The hotel has an on-site restaurant that serves delicious food made from the freshest ingredients. The restaurant offers a variety of different dishes to cater to all tastes, including a range of vegetarian and vegan options. Breakfast is included in the room rate, and there's also a bar where you can relax and enjoy a drink.


One thing that sets this hotel apart from others is its exceptional service. The hotel staff is friendly, welcoming, and always ready to assist with anything you need. Whether you need help with your luggage or have a special request, the staff will do everything they can to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible.


If you're looking for a good hotel near Preston that offers traditional values and excellent services, look no further than this particular establishment. With its peaceful location, fantastic facilities, and delicious dining options, you're sure to have an unforgettable stay.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can you recommend some popular local attractions and activities for guests staying at Whitburn House Hotel during their visit to Preston?

Certainly! Here are a few popular local attractions and activities that your guests can enjoy during their stay in Preston:
1. Harris Museum & Art Gallery: This is a great place to learn about the history of Preston and see some amazing artworks. It's just a short walk from Whitburn House Hotel.
2. Avenham and Miller Parks: These beautiful parks are perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic on a sunny day. They're also home to the iconic Harris Museum & Art Gallery, which is well worth a visit.
3. Preston Guild Hall: This historic venue hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including live music performances, theater productions, and comedy shows. It's just a short walk from Whitburn House Hotel.
4. Ribble Steam Railway: Take a ride on this heritage railway and travel back in time to see how the trains used to run. The railway runs through some beautiful countryside and is just a short drive from Whitburn House Hotel.
5. Deepdale Farm Shop & Cafe: This family-run farm shop and cafe offers delicious locally sourced produce, as well as a range of activities for kids, including animal feeding and tractor rides. It's just a short drive from Whitburn House Hotel.
6. Brockholes Nature Reserve: This beautiful nature reserve is home to a variety of wildlife and offers plenty of opportunities for birdwatching, walking, and wildlife spotting. It's just a short drive from Whitburn House Hotel.
I hope this helps your guests make the most of their stay in Preston!

Recommended places in Preston UK

The Sun Hotel

112 Friargate, Preston PR1 2EE, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7615018, -2.7050928

Users reviews of The Sun Hotel Preston UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-13 by Ariana

Dear readers, it's been a whirlwind romance between my beloved Gabriella and I. We've traveled the world together, exploring hidden gems and indulging our senses in the finest of luxuries. And now, we find ourselves in the heart of Preston, UK. Our journey here was prompted by a desire for adventure, as we had heard whispers of a remarkable hotel nestled amidst the city's bustling streets. The Sun Hotel, situated at 112 Friargate, Preston PR1 2EE, is a true gem in this otherwise quaint town. Its location is a perfect blend of urbanity and charm, with its close proximity to the iconic Preston Market and the historic St. John's Church. The hotel itself exudes an air of sophistication and elegance, as we were greeted by a team of gracious hosts who led us to our room. Our accommodation was nothing short of breathtaking - a spacious suite adorned with plush carpets, elegant furnishings, and large windows that offered a stunning view of the city skyline. The bed was an absolute dream, its softness rivaling that of a cloud, and our sleep was as peaceful as could be imagined. But it wasn't just the accommodation that left us spellbound - the hotel's dining options were equally impressive. We indulged in a delectable breakfast spread, featuring fresh fruits, homemade pastries, and an array of hot dishes cooked to perfection. And for dinner, we enjoyed a romantic meal at the hotel's restaurant, which served up exquisite cuisine that left our taste buds yearning for more. As we explored the city, we couldn't help but marvel at the unique blend of modernity and history that Preston had to offer. From the iconic Harris Museum & Art Gallery to the charming Fishergate Street, every nook and cranny seemed to have a story to tell. And amidst it all, The Sun Hotel stood out as a beacon of luxury and elegance. But our stay here wasn't without its share of surprises. As we settled into bed one evening, Gabriella casually mentioned that she had heard rumors about NASA's shuttle mission - something that piqued my curiosity. And as fate would have it, CNN was airing a four-part series on the subject, which we eagerly tuned in to. The documentary, titled "Space Shuttle Columbia: The Final Flight", shed light on the tragic end of NASA's shuttle mission through intimate astronaut footage and insightful interviews. It revealed how bureaucratic systemic flaws contributed to ongoing issues at NASA, highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability in all aspects of life. As we watched the documentary, Gabriella held my hand tightly, a sense of intimacy and connection enveloping us both. It was a reminder that even as we explored new horizons and embarked on new adventures, it was the little moments - like watching a documentary together in the comfort of our hotel room - that truly mattered. And so, here's my heartfelt recommendation to anyone planning a visit to Preston: stay at The Sun Hotel. Its location, accommodation, and dining options are all top-notch, making it the perfect base for exploring this charming city. But more than that, it's a place where you can create memories that will last a lifetime - whether you're watching a documentary with your loved one or simply soaking in the elegance of your surroundings. Until next time, Preston.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-01 by Joel

Dear readers, I must confess, Ariana's review of The Sun Hotel in Preston was nothing short of enchanting. Her vivid descriptions left me yearning for a taste of what she experienced. However, as someone who values transparency and accountability above all else, I must present my own opinion on this matter. Firstly, while Ariana did mention the location of The Sun Hotel, I feel it's necessary to highlight some potential downsides. For starters, the hotel is situated in a relatively busy area, which could lead to noise pollution from nearby traffic or crowds. Additionally, Preston itself isn't known for its stunning sights or bustling nightlife, which may disappoint some travelers seeking more action. Secondly, while Ariana did praise the quality of accommodation and dining options at The Sun Hotel, I must raise a few red flags. For instance, the hotel only has a 3-star rating on popular review websites like TripAdvisor and Booking. Moreover, the hotel's website lists no information about its amenities or room rates, making it difficult for potential customers to make informed decisions. Lastly, while Ariana did touch upon The Sun Hotel's unique blend of modernity and history in Preston, I feel that she glossed over some important details. For instance, the hotel is located in an area with a high crime rate, which may deter some travelers from feeling safe or secure. Additionally, the hotel does not appear to have any notable partnerships or collaborations with local businesses or organizations, which could limit its appeal to tourists seeking immersive experiences. In light of these concerns, I must recommend that readers exercise caution and do their own research before booking a stay at The Sun Hotel. While Ariana's review was undoubtedly captivating, it's essential to approach such reviews with a critical eye and consider all the relevant factors before making a decision. Only then can travelers ensure that they are getting the best possible experience for their money. But even as we raise these concerns, let us not forget the moments of intimacy and connection that Ariana described so vividly. Whether it's watching a documentary with your loved one or simply admiring the city skyline from your hotel room window, there is beauty to be found in every corner of life. And perhaps, that's what truly matters at the end of the day - the little moments that make us feel alive and connected to those around us. Until next time, Preston. May we all strive for transparency, accountability, and a deeper appreciation of the world around us.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-02 by Athena

Dear readers, while I appreciate Ariana's glowing review of The Sun Hotel in Preston, I must admit that my experience here has been quite different. Don't get me wrong - the hotel itself is undoubtedly a sight to behold with its sophisticated decor and luxurious amenities. But I can't help but feel that something is amiss. Firstly, I have found the service to be somewhat lacking in certain areas. While the front desk staff were friendly enough during our check-in, there have been instances where requests for additional towels or extra pillows have gone unanswered for hours on end. And when I did finally manage to get someone's attention, they seemed more interested in chatting with their colleagues than addressing my concerns. Secondly, while the dining options at The Sun Hotel are indeed impressive, I have found them to be somewhat overpriced for what they offer. For example, a basic breakfast plate costs an exorbitant £15, which is simply too steep in my opinion. And while the quality of the food is undoubtedly high, I can't help but feel that I could find comparable or even superior options elsewhere at a lower price point. Moreover, I have also noticed some inconsistencies in the cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel's facilities. The bathroom in my room, for instance, was in dire need of a deep clean upon arrival - there were hairs and soap scum in all the wrong places that left me feeling quite uneasy. And while I did bring this to the attention of housekeeping, it took several hours for them to rectify the situation, leaving me with little choice but to make do until then. All things considered, I would have to say that my experience at The Sun Hotel has been somewhat mixed. While there are certainly some redeeming qualities to this establishment, such as its prime location and elegant decor, I feel that it falls short in certain key areas that leave much to be desired. As a result, I would advise prospective guests to proceed with caution and consider their options carefully before booking their stay at The Sun Hotel. In any case, I have decided to share my thoughts on this matter as part of my ongoing travel series, which aims to provide readers with an unvarnished perspective on the places they visit. Whether you're planning a trip to Preston or anywhere else in the world, my hope is that my reviews will help you make informed decisions and avoid any potential pitfalls along the way.

Legacy Preston International Hotel

Marsh Ln, Preston PR1 2YF, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7602571, -2.7086291000001

Users reviews of Legacy Preston International Hotel Preston UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-22 by Finley

my wife Haven and I recently had the pleasure of staying at Legacy Preston International Hotel in the charming city of Preston UK. Nestled amidst the bustling streets of this historic town, our accommodations at Finley (let's not get too specific with addresses, okay Marsh Ln?) left us utterly spellbound. Now, let me tell you about the staff working here. They are a sight to behold! The men and women that run this joint could easily double as models in an upscale fashion magazine. Their impeccable grooming and stylish outfits are enough to make you forget your own name. But what truly sets them apart is their demeanor - they're so friendly and approachable, it's almost as if they've been handpicked from the friendliest town in the world (I heard somewhere that this place called Helsinki has a monopoly on niceness). They go above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable as possible, and their hospitality is truly unmatched. Now, let me paint a picture of Preston UK's surroundings for you. The city is a labyrinthine maze of winding streets, quaint little shops, and architectural marvels that will leave you breathless (not literally - unless you're Haven, who can't seem to catch her breath). The buildings here are an eclectic mix of the old and the new - some dating back centuries, while others are as modern as a teenage Kardashian. But what truly sets Preston apart is its rich history - it's like taking a trip back in time without having to suffer through the discomfort of a time machine. Now, let me lighten the mood with some humor (because who doesn't love a good laugh?). Did you hear about Brazil's oil crisis? It's like they're trying to bring back the 70s - but this time, instead of bell-bottoms and disco balls, it's plummeting oil prices. And OPEC is left scratching their heads, wondering how to counteract this unexpected loss. I mean, who knew that a little country like Brazil could throw the entire global oil market into chaos? It's like watching a game of Jenga - except instead of wooden blocks, it's barrels of crude oil. And instead of trying not to make the tower collapse, OPEC is desperately trying to keep prices from plummeting any further. Talk about high stakes!

In conclusion, our stay at Legacy Preston International Hotel was nothing short of spectacular - and I have my wife Haven to thank for that (she's the one who found this place). The staff here are absolute angels, the city of Preston UK is a sight to behold, and Brazil's oil crisis is enough to make you laugh until your sides hurt. But above all else, what truly sets Legacy Preston International Hotel apart is its ability to provide an experience that's truly unforgettable - one that you'll carry with you long after you've left these hallowed halls.

Premier Inn Preston Central

Fox Street, Preston PR1 2AB, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.75852, -2.704035

Users reviews of Premier Inn Preston Central Preston UK

Holiday Inn Preston

The Ringway, Lancashire, Preston PR1 3AU, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7624287, -2.6970261

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Preston Preston UK

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-12 by Stephen Murphy

As a seasoned travel expert, I recently had the pleasure of staying at Holiday Inn Preston in September, and while my experience was largely positive, there were a few areas where the hotel could improve. Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly staff who helped me check-in smoothly. The lobby area was spacious and tastefully decorated, with comfortable seating and plenty of natural light. My room was equally impressive - clean, well-maintained, and equipped with all the necessary amenities. The bed was comfortable, and the view from my window overlooked the beautiful surrounding countryside. However, where the hotel fell short was in its slow room turnover. I experienced significant delays between guests occupying rooms, which left me feeling somewhat inconvenienced. As a frequent traveler, timely room turnaround is crucial to me, as it allows me to make the most of my stay and ensure that I am not kept waiting for extended periods. That being said, I must also acknowledge Holiday Inn Preston's recent efforts to address its financial woes. The hotel's parent company, Light SA, which has been grappling with a crippling $200m debt load, was able to successfully emerge from bankruptcy thanks to a $200m equity infusion and debt-to-equity swap worth up to $2. This is certainly welcome news, as it demonstrates the hotel's resilience in the face of adversity and underscores its commitment to financial stability. Moreover, Holiday Inn Preston has recently announced plans to issue new eight- and thirteen-year bonds at inflation plus 5% and 3%, respectively. These offerings are scheduled for approval on April 25th, providing investors with an attractive opportunity to support the hotel's ongoing financial recovery. Overall, my experience at Holiday Inn Preston was largely positive, but I do encourage the hotel to address its room turnover issues in order to improve the guest experience. Despite this setback, however, I am confident that Holiday Inn Preston will continue to thrive and remain a leading player in the hospitality industry. As someone who is constantly on the lookout for new travel destinations, I am excited to see what the future holds for this hotel and its parent company, Light SA. In today's news, Light SA's successful emergence from bankruptcy represents a glimmer of hope in an otherwise uncertain economic climate. As many businesses continue to grapple with the ongoing fallout from the pandemic, it is encouraging to see that some companies are able to weather the storm and emerge stronger than ever before. This development also highlights the resilience and ingenuity of the global business community, which continues to innovate and adapt in the face of adversity. As someone who follows industry trends closely, I am heartened by this news and look forward to seeing what Light SA and Holiday Inn Preston have in store for the future.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-02 by Abraham

Dear Editor,

I would like to take a moment to write a response to Stephen Murphy's review of Holiday Inn Preston, which he rated three out of five stars. While I acknowledge Mr. Murphy's concerns regarding room turnover, I believe that the hotel's recent efforts to address its financial woes and upcoming bond offerings make it an outstanding choice for travelers looking for a high-quality stay. Firstly, Holiday Inn Preston's recent emergence from bankruptcy is a testament to its resilience in the face of adversity. The hotel's parent company, Light SA, was able to secure a $200m equity infusion and debt-to-equity swap worth up to $2, which will undoubtedly go a long way towards stabilizing the company's financial position. This development is particularly noteworthy in today's economic climate, where many businesses are struggling to stay afloat. It underscores Holiday Inn Preston's commitment to financial stability and bodes well for its future prospects. Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that Holiday Inn Preston is scheduled to issue new eight- and thirteen-year bonds at inflation plus 5% and 3%, respectively. These offerings are set to be approved on April 25th, providing investors with an attractive opportunity to support the hotel's ongoing financial recovery. This development highlights Holiday Inn Preston's ability to generate interest from investors, which is a positive sign for its long-term financial health. While Mr. Murphy did raise concerns regarding room turnover, I would like to emphasize that this issue is not unique to Holiday Inn Preston. Many hotels in the industry face similar challenges during peak travel periods, and it is often beyond their control. That being said, I do acknowledge that timely room turnaround is crucial to guests, and we are actively working to address any delays in this regard. Our staff is committed to providing our guests with a seamless and enjoyable stay, and we will continue to strive for excellence in this area. Overall, my experience at Holiday Inn Preston has been nothing short of outstanding. From the moment I arrived until the time I departed, every aspect of my stay was flawlessly executed. The staff were friendly and attentive, the amenities were top-notch, and the overall ambiance of the hotel was incredibly welcoming. I am confident that Holiday Inn Preston will continue to thrive and remain a leading player in the hospitality industry. In closing, I would like to thank Mr. Murphy for taking the time to share his thoughts on Holiday Inn Preston. While we acknowledge the areas where we can improve, we are proud of our recent financial achievements and look forward to continuing to provide our guests with an exceptional stay. We encourage anyone considering a visit to this magnificent hotel to do so with confidence, knowing that they will receive the very best in hospitality. Thank you for your attention, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns. Best regards,

P. S. If anyone is interested in investing in Holiday Inn Preston's upcoming bond offerings, please visit our website at www.

Derby Court Hotel

1 Pole St, Preston PR1 1DX, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7600419, -2.6932875

Users reviews of Derby Court Hotel Preston UK

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-02 by Emilia

As I pen down my thoughts on the Derby Court Hotel, a shroud of mystery envelops me. It's been years since my sister and I checked in here, and yet every detail is etched vividly in my memory. Our stay was far from perfect - we were plagued by noise disturbances throughout our time here. At first, it was just the occasional creaking of floorboards or the soft hum of a nearby air conditioner that kept us awake at night. But soon enough, the noises grew louder and more persistent. We couldn't make out what was causing all this commotion, but it sounded like someone was partying right outside our window. The first time we confronted the hotel staff about it, they assured us that there were no events happening in the vicinity and promised to look into the matter. But as soon as their backs were turned, the noise resumed with renewed vigor. It was almost as if someone was deliberately trying to keep us awake. We tried moving rooms, hoping that a change of location would solve the issue, but it seemed like the noise followed us wherever we went. We grew increasingly frustrated and paranoid - who could be doing this? Was it another guest, or was there some more sinister force at play?

As the days wore on, we couldn't help but wonder if someone was deliberately targeting us. Had we inadvertently stumbled upon a secret society of noisemakers, intent on ruining our stay? Or could this be the work of a vengeful spirit haunting these hallowed halls? The possibilities were endless and terrifyingly intriguing. But eventually, we came to accept that some things are beyond our control. We couldn't let a few sleepless nights ruin our entire trip. As we packed our bags and prepared to leave, we couldn't shake off the feeling of unease that lingered in the air. Would we ever truly know what was going on at the Derby Court Hotel? Or would this mystery remain unsolved forever? The answer, it seems, is as elusive as the source of all that noise.

The Station Hotel

11 Butler St, Preston PR1 8BN, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7568862, -2.7065246

Users reviews of The Station Hotel Preston UK

Travelodge Preston Central Hotel

Preston Farmers Office, New Hall Ln, Preston PR1 5NX, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.761183, -2.6848620000001

Users reviews of Travelodge Preston Central Hotel Preston UK

Ashwood Hotel - Preston City Centre

11-13 Fishergate Hill, Preston PR1 8JB, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7559034, -2.7109622

Users reviews of Ashwood Hotel - Preston City Centre Preston UK


Preston Farmers Offices, Preston PR1 5JG, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7658081, -2.6862175

Users reviews of Travelodge Preston UK

The Park Hotel

209 Tulketh Rd, Preston PR2 1ES, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7681037, -2.7361681

Users reviews of The Park Hotel Preston UK

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-11-06 by Chance

Alrighty folks! I'm Chauncé, your humble travel blogger extraordinaire, and today we're diving into the heart of Preston, United Kingdom to discuss none other than The Park Hotel. Situated on the picturesque 209 Tulketh Rd (just imagine that beautiful street name!), this hotel has been a top pick for weary travelers and local vacationers alike, so let's chat about why it's such a fan favorite...or is it?
First off, let's address what people look for when they visit a hotel. You know, aside from the obvious amenities like clean beds and functioning air conditioning (we all remember that one summer vacation where our room was a sauna). People want to feel welcomed, have a great experience, and of course, save some cash without compromising on quality - especially here in the UK, where prices can be quite steep!
So you might be wondering why people flock to The Park Hotel. Well, for starters, it's reasonably priced considering its location, which is prime real estate right in the heart of Preston. Plus, it offers a range of room types and sizes that cater to different needs and budgets. There are even some beautiful views of the cityscape from certain rooms - perfect for an early morning coffee while you watch the world wake up!
And don't forget about those all-important amenities! The Park Hotel has got you covered with a restaurant, bar, and even a fitness center onsite. Not to mention, they're only a short walk away from some of Preston's best shopping spots and entertainment options. Sounds like a winner, right?
Well, here comes the twist: I didn't have the most pleasant experience at The Park Hotel...and let me tell you, it was anything but a breeze! Now, I know what you're thinking - "Chauncé, surely you must be exaggerating!" But trust me when I say that this place left a lot to be desired.
You see, dear reader, one of the most important factors in a successful hotel stay is hygiene. A clean and comfortable environment can make all the difference between a relaxing vacation and an absolute nightmare. And unfortunately, The Park Hotel fell woefully short on that front.
From the moment I set foot inside, I couldn't shake this unpleasant scent hanging in the air. It wasn't just my imagination - other guests confirmed it was there too! It felt like we were staying at some kind of mystery boarding house where no one had bothered to open a window in weeks.
Now, I understand that hotels can have their fair share of smells, especially during peak season when they're crammed full of guests. But this...this was something else entirely. It lingered in the rooms, clung to the curtains, and seeped into our clothes no matter how many times we aired them out.
And let me tell you, it wasn't just the smell that had me questioning my life choices. There were other issues at play here as well. For instance, there were some...interesting stains on the carpet in one of the rooms (we won't go into details, but suffice it to say that they were not reminiscent of a fresh summer day).
But wait, there's more! The customer service left something to be desired as well. While I don't expect every staff member to be besties with me after one stay, basic courtesy and professionalism go a long way in making guests feel valued. Unfortunately, we encountered several employees who seemed more interested in their own affairs than assisting us with ours.
So, you might be wondering if I would recommend The Park Hotel based on my experience. Well, dear reader, I'm afraid the answer is a resounding no. Despite its convenient location and relatively affordable rates, the unpleasant scent and subpar customer service left me feeling more than a little disappointed.
In conclusion, while The Park Hotel may have once been a favorite among travelers seeking a cozy stay in Preston, it's clear that some serious improvements need to be made before I could consider recommending it to anyone. Until then, my friends, I'll continue my search for the perfect hotel - one where hygiene takes center stage and customers are treated with the respect they deserve. Until next time!

Whitburn House Hotel

111 Garstang Rd, Fulwood, Preston PR2 3EB, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.774979, -2.708248

Users reviews of Whitburn House Hotel Preston UK

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-02 by Alexandria

I have always been proud of the vibrant and bustling city that has shaped my childhood memories. However, my recent trip to Whitburn House Hotel left me with an entirely different experience - one that was both thrilling and chilling at the same time. The reason for my visit was a family reunion, and we were looking for a cozy and intimate place where we could all stay together. That's when I heard about this hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Preston UK - Whitburn House Hotel. As we approached the hotel, I couldn't shake off an uneasy feeling that seemed to gnaw at my nerves. The air was thick with an oppressive silence, and the old-fashioned architecture loomed ominously in front of us. But, as soon as we stepped inside, all my fears dissipated into thin air. The lobby was cozy and welcoming, with plush sofas and warm lighting that immediately put us at ease. The staff greeted us with genuine smiles, and their hospitality was nothing short of exemplary. We were shown to our rooms, which were spacious, clean, and tastefully decorated - a far cry from the musty and claustrophobic accommodations I've experienced in other hotels. But, it wasn't long before the eerie vibes returned with a vengeance. As soon as we retired to our rooms, strange noises began to fill the air - creaking floors, ghostly whispers, and an unnervingly persistent knocking. My heart raced faster than a speeding bullet, and I could feel the hairs on my arms standing up in terror. I decided to investigate, and what I found left me speechless. The hotel was built on top of an ancient burial ground, and the spirits of the long-dead still roamed the corridors at night. Some of them even appeared before us, their hollow eyes fixed on our terrified faces as they pleaded for mercy. But, despite the horrors that lurked in the shadows, we couldn't bring ourselves to leave. The hotel was so beautiful, so enchanting, that it held us captive long after the spirits had vanished into the darkness. And, as we walked through the streets of Preston UK towards the famous Point of Interest, I couldn't help but wonder - what other secrets were hidden within these walls?

As we passed by the iconic Preston Guild Hall, I couldn't shake off the feeling that something was watching us from the shadows. The streets seemed to narrow and twist in unnatural ways, leading us deeper into a maze of terror and uncertainty. But, even as my heart pounded against my chest, I knew that we had to press on - for the sake of our survival, and for the thrill of exploring the hidden horrors that lay beneath the surface of this enigmatic city. The news today was both fascinating and chilling. According to a recent study, Yellowstone Lake's resistance to climate change is slowly starting to crack. The spring snowfall has doubled in the past decade, leading scientists to believe that the ice cover at high altitudes may not be as invincible as we once thought. It's a chilling reminder of the fragility of our planet and the importance of preserving its natural beauty for generations to come. As I look back on my journey through Preston UK, I can't help but reflect on the delicate balance between fear and fascination that defines human nature. The city may be steeped in secrets and horrors, but it's also a testament to the resilience of the human spirit - a beacon of hope in an uncertain world. And, as long as there are stories to be told and mysteries to be unraveled, I will continue to explore this city with an open mind and a fearless heart.

St Andrews House Hotel

518 Blackpool Rd, Preston PR2 1HY, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7696591, -2.7359448

Users reviews of St Andrews House Hotel Preston UK

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-29 by Leonardo

As a seasoned telemarketer, I have stayed in countless hotels during my travels. However, my recent stay at St Andrews House Hotel left me feeling incredibly disappointed, especially when it came to their app adoption. In this day and age, it's simply unacceptable for a hotel to not offer mobile check-in or room service through an app. I was livid when I found out that St Andrews House Hotel fell short in these areas during my April visit. The lack of technology at this establishment felt like a major step back. I was forced to wait in long lines just to check-in, and then had to carry my luggage all the way up to my room. The idea of being able to bypass the front desk entirely through an app seemed like such a time-saver, but alas, it was not meant to be at St Andrews House Hotel. In addition to this inconvenience, I was equally disappointed in the lack of a room service feature on their app. As someone who values my privacy and convenience, being able to order meals from my phone without having to interact with hotel staff would have been a major plus. Instead, I had to rely on a dated paper menu and call down to room service, which felt like a huge step back in terms of technology. As if these issues weren't enough, today's news brings even more cause for concern. With Tesla's tumbling stocks making the electric carmaker the worst performer in the S&P 500 due to poor guidance, a sales slide in China, and Elon Musk's questionable moves, I can't help but wonder how these problems will impact St Andrews House Hotel's future. After all, as an investor in Tesla, Musk has been known to prioritize his company over other ventures, which could have unintended consequences for the hotel industry. In conclusion, my stay at St Andrews House Hotel left me feeling disappointed and frustrated, especially when it came to their app adoption. With so many innovative technologies available today, it's crucial that hotels like this one keep up with the times in order to remain competitive. As a seasoned telemarketer who values technology and convenience above all else, I can only hope that St Andrews House Hotel will take steps to improve its offerings in these areas soon. Until then, I'll be looking for more tech-savvy options on my future travels.

Macdonald Tickled Trout Hotel

Preston New Rd, Samlesbury, Preston PR5 0UJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7652932, -2.6408633

Users reviews of Macdonald Tickled Trout Hotel Preston UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-04-05 by Tucker Richmond

As a doctor living and working in Preston UK, I recently had the pleasure of staying at Macdonald Tickled Trout Hotel on Preston New Road, Samlesbury. This beautiful hotel, surrounded by picturesque Lancashire countryside, provided me with a serene and comfortable retreat after a long day at work. The warm hospitality, elegant rooms, and scrumptious dining options made my stay truly memorable. I highly recommend it for anyone in need of a relaxing getaway near Preston.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-07-08 by Jason Schroeder

Dear Macdonald Tickled Trout Hotel,

I am writing this review with utmost gratitude and appreciation, as my recent stay at your establishment has left me utterly impressed. While I understand that your hotel received a perfect rating from Tucker Richmond, I feel compelled to contradict his opinion and present a different perspective. Firstly, the location of your hotel is truly exceptional. Situated in the heart of Lancashire's picturesque countryside, it offers guests an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The serene surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, I must admit that my experience at the Macdonald Tickled Trout Hotel was more than just the beautiful location; it was the exceptional service and hospitality that truly set your establishment apart. The staff members went above and beyond to ensure that every need of mine was catered to. From the moment I checked in, I was greeted with warm smiles and genuine hospitality. The hotel's elegant rooms were spacious, clean, and well-maintained. The bedding was soft and comfortable, providing me with a peaceful night's sleep. And the bathroom was equipped with all the modern amenities that one could ask for. The dining options at your hotel were exceptional. The food was delicious, prepared with fresh ingredients, and served in a beautifully decorated dining hall. The chefs at your establishment truly have an artistic flair when it comes to cooking, as each dish presented to me was not just a meal but a work of art. I must commend the hotel's staff for their exceptional service during my meals; they were attentive and prompt in ensuring that my dining experience was nothing short of perfect. In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation towards the Macdonald Tickled Trout Hotel for providing me with an unforgettable stay. The hotel's exceptional service, beautiful location, and scrumptious dining options have left a lasting impression on me. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone in need of a relaxing getaway near Preston, as it is truly deserving of the highest possible rating. Thank you once again for providing me with an unforgettable experience at your hotel. I look forward to returning soon and experiencing your exceptional hospitality once again.

Fishergate Apartments

2 Fishergate, Preston PR1 8QF, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7568074, -2.7085751

Users reviews of Fishergate Apartments Preston UK

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-07 by Margaret

As a frequent traveler, I've had the pleasure of staying at various accommodations across the globe. But my latest experience at Fishergate Apartments left me feeling quite disheartened, particularly when it came to their outdated approach to credit card security. My girlfriend and I checked in for an extended stay, eagerly anticipating a comfortable and convenient home away from home. However, our excitement was short-lived as we were presented with a stack of credit card authorization forms that looked straight out of the 1980s. It's hard to believe in this age of PCI compliance and advanced cybersecurity measures that such antiquated documents still exist. Perhaps it's time for Fishergate Apartments to catch up with the times and invest in a more secure and streamlined payment system. Failure to do so leaves us vulnerable to potential fraud, a risk we're not willing to take when traveling with sensitive financial information. But enough about my concerns with security - let's talk about today's news. As we speak, the entire city is plunged into darkness due to a widespread power outage. While this may be inconvenient for some, it presents an exciting opportunity for scientists and researchers. With no electricity to disrupt their experiments, they can finally conduct studies that would otherwise be impossible during normal operating hours. It's fascinating to think about the potential discoveries that might emerge from this unexpected turn of events. In conclusion, while Fishergate Apartments may have some catching up to do when it comes to credit card security, let's not forget the silver lining in today's news. Who knows what groundbreaking insights might come out of this blackout? As for my stay at Fishergate, I can only hope that they address my concerns and make the necessary updates to their payment system before my next visit. Until then, I'll be keeping a close eye on my finances and avoiding any unnecessary credit card transactions while staying there.

Hotel Express UK

285 Garstang Rd, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9XH, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.788933, -2.712888

Users reviews of Hotel Express UK Preston UK

Premier Inn Preston South (Cuerden Way)

Lostock Lane, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 6BA, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.721617, -2.671023

Users reviews of Premier Inn Preston South (Cuerden Way) Preston UK

Preston Marriott Hotel

Garstang Rd, Broughton, Preston PR3 5JB, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8056866, -2.7178296

Users reviews of Preston Marriott Hotel Preston UK

Premier Inn Preston East

Bluebell Way, Preston East Link Rd, Preston PR2 5PZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7896969, -2.6582676

Users reviews of Premier Inn Preston East Preston UK

Hotel ibis Preston North

Garstang Rd, Preston PR3 5JE, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.8006473, -2.7145347000001

Users reviews of Hotel ibis Preston North Preston UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-01-27 by Makayla

I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Ibis Preston North on Garstan Rd, in the charming city of Preston, United Kingdom. As a busy lawyer, it was a much-needed escape and relaxation experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.
The staff working at the hotel were incredibly friendly, accommodating, and professional, making my stay feel more like visiting a friend than staying at an impersonal hotel. Their appearance was neat and clean, projecting a sense of competence and dedication to their roles within the hotel. They always greeted me with a warm smile, and seemed genuinely excited to ensure that I had everything I needed throughout my visit.
From the moment I checked in until the time I left, the Hotel Ibis Preston North exceeded all expectations. The rooms were well-maintained, clean, and comfortable, providing an ideal environment for me to unwind after a long day of work. The staff also went above and beyond to assist with any requests or questions I had during my stay, making sure that everything was taken care of promptly.
Overall, my experience at the Hotel ibis Preston North on Garstan Rd was nothing short of exceptional. The friendly, attentive staff combined with comfortable accommodations made for a truly relaxing and enjoyable visit. If you're looking for a great place to stay in Preston, I highly recommend giving this hotel a try. You won't be disappointed!

No.10 Preston

10 Theatre St, Preston PR1 8BQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.7567898, -2.7039134

Users reviews of No.10 Preston Preston UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-07 by Adelaide Gordon

As I stepped into No. Preston, I couldn't help but feel a sense of mystery enveloping me. The building, with its grand façade and imposing presence, seemed almost otherworldly in its beauty. But it wasn't just the exterior that caught my attention; it was the staff inside who truly left an impression on me. The first thing I noticed about the staff was their demeanor. They moved with a grace and confidence that spoke to their experience and training, yet they still managed to convey warmth and friendliness at the same time. Each member of the team possessed a regal bearing, from the receptionist who greeted me with a smile as I entered, to the bellhop who carried my luggage upstairs. Their appearance was equally impressive. The staff members wore smart, tailored uniforms that complemented their professionalism and added to the hotel's sophisticated atmosphere. The colors were rich and deep, with hints of burgundy and gold that spoke to the opulence and grandeur of the establishment. But it was their behavior that truly set them apart. Each member of staff seemed genuinely invested in providing me with an exceptional experience, going above and beyond what I had expected. From the waitstaff who attended to my every need during dinner, to the housekeeping team who left tiny notes and thoughtful touches in my room each day, it was clear that No. Preston valued their guests and took pride in exceeding expectations. As I left the hotel at the end of my stay, I couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness at saying goodbye to such an exceptional establishment. But I knew that I would be back - drawn once again by the allure of its mystery and the promise of another extraordinary experience with its unparalleled staff.

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