Durham UK - luxury hotels and resorts - top ten list

Many rich businessmen in Durham UK invested their money into hotel and resorts. According to dr Rachel Leonard form Big balls Economics Institute, the overall influence for the GDP from hotel industry oscillates from 25 to 27 percent.

Durham UK hotel industry grow - year to year percent.

Luxury Hotels & Resorts17.5 %18 %19.5 %20 %20.5 %95.5 %
Motels and Inns21.5 %22 %20.5 %21 %21.5 %106.5 %
Total39 %40 %40 %41 %42 %
Thanks that hotel services quality now are getting better and better.

In 2017 non-smoking rooms in hotel offer becomes standard. You can visit Arts Centre Washington if you want to go out evening. It is located 9.73 km from Premier Inn Durham North

Durham Marriott Hotel Royal County

Old Elvet, Durham DH1 3JN, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7756364, -1.5717569999999

Users reviews of Durham Marriott Hotel Royal County Durham UK

The Town House

34 Old Elvet, Durham DH1 3HN, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7749332, -1.5682002999999

Users reviews of The Town House Durham UK

Seven Stars Inn

High Street North, Shincliffe, Durham DH1 2NU, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7602994, -1.5467813

Users reviews of Seven Stars Inn Durham UK

Travelodge Durham Hotel

9 Station Ln, Durham DH1 1LJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7793299, -1.5626844

Users reviews of Travelodge Durham Hotel Durham UK

Bannatyne Hotel Durham

Eden Terrace, Durham DH1 2HJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7849329, -1.5341171

Users reviews of Bannatyne Hotel Durham Durham UK

The Honest Lawyer Hotel

Croxdale Bridge, Durham DH1 3SP, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7371904, -1.5871915

Users reviews of The Honest Lawyer Hotel Durham UK

Bridge Hotel

40 North Rd, Durham DH1 4SE, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7783903, -1.5838616999999

Users reviews of Bridge Hotel Durham UK

Farnley Tower Hotel

The Avenue, Durham DH1 4DX, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7733418, -1.5899025

Users reviews of Farnley Tower Hotel Durham UK

The Kingslodge Inn

Waddington St, Flass Vale, Durham DH1 4BG, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.778602, -1.586983

Users reviews of The Kingslodge Inn Durham UK

Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham

Frankland Ln, Durham DH1 5TA, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7803546, -1.5771689000001

Users reviews of Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham Durham UK

Premier Inn Durham City Centre

Freemans Place, Durham DH1 1SQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.779091, -1.575668

Users reviews of Premier Inn Durham City Centre Durham UK

The City Hotel

84 New Elvet, Durham DH1 3AQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7753844, -1.5722942

Users reviews of The City Hotel Durham UK

gilesgatemoor hotel

Teasdale Terrace, Durham DH1 2RN, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.779359, -1.5398977

Users reviews of gilesgatemoor hotel Durham UK

Spa at Ramside

Ramside Hall Hotel & Golf Club, Durham DH1 1TD, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7940963, -1.5149045000001

Users reviews of Spa at Ramside Durham UK

Lord Boyne Hotel

6 High St N, Langley Moor, Durham DH7 8JG, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7602189, -1.607832

Users reviews of Lord Boyne Hotel Durham UK

Hallgarth Manor Hotel

High Pittington, Durham DH6 1AB, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7875566, -1.4914729

Users reviews of Hallgarth Manor Hotel Durham UK

Premier Inn Durham North

Arnison Retail Centre, Rotatory Way, Durham DH1 5GB, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.806931, -1.585008

Users reviews of Premier Inn Durham North Durham UK

Days Inn Durham

Bowburn, Durham DH6 5NP, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.7292146, -1.5225727

Users reviews of Days Inn Durham Durham UK

Bowburn Hall Hotel

Bowburn, Durham DH6 5NH, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.740812, -1.5193982000001

Users reviews of Bowburn Hall Hotel Durham UK

Travelodge Chester-le-Street Hotel

Great North Road, Chester Moor, Chester le Street DH2 3RJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.8354317, -1.5882738

Users reviews of Travelodge Chester-le-Street Hotel Durham UK

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