Good hotel near Londonderry - best hotel with traditions

There are several options in Londonderry to spend a night. Big business centers has also greater number of hotel all around. If you are looking for best hotels for both business and tourist application in Londonderry you can try Bishop's Gate Hotel Derry or Travelodge Derry Hotel.
Hotels like Travelodge Derry Hotel located at 22-24 Strand Rd, Londonderry BT48 7AB, United Kingdom or Maldron Hotel Derry which is located 400 meters away both could offer airport limousine. If you look for a good restaurant - try The 1876 Brasserie & Champagne Lounge / Entrada Restaurant if you want to go out evening. It is only 180 meters away from Travelodge Derry Hotel.

Good Hotel Near Londonderry - Best Hotel with Traditions


Londonderry, also known as Derry, is a vibrant city in Northern Ireland that has a rich history and culture. Visitors often look for a hotel that not only provides comfortable accommodation but also adds to the experience of exploring the city. In this article, we will be discussing the best hotel with traditions near Londonderry.

About the Hotel

The hotel we will be discussing is the Beech Hill Country House Hotel, located just outside the city of Londonderry. The hotel is a four-star property that is set within 32 acres of woodlands, gardens, and hills. The Beech Hill Country House Hotel is a historic building that dates back to the 18th century and was once home to some of the most influential people in the area.

The Tradition of the Hotel

The Beech Hill Country House Hotel takes pride in preserving age-old traditions and providing guests with a unique experience. One tradition that the hotel has kept alive is the provision of homemade scones, jam, and cream for afternoon tea. Visitors can sit back and enjoy this traditional delicacy while taking in the beauty of the hotel's surroundings.

Another tradition at Beech Hill Country House Hotel is the provision of a turndown service. Housekeeping staff will visit guests in their rooms every evening and turn down the beds. They will place a chocolate on the pillow and provide fresh drinking water for guests to enjoy.

The Accommodation

The Beech Hill Country House Hotel has 31 individually decorated rooms, each with its own unique personality. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with many of them featuring amazing views of the surrounding woodlands. The hotel rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities that guests expect, including free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffee-making facilities.

The Dining Experience

The hotel boasts of an award-winning restaurant that serves delicious food made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant provides guests with a fine dining experience that is sure to impress. In addition to the restaurant, the hotel has a bar that serves a selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. Guests can relax in the bar while enjoying a drink or two.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a hotel with traditions near Londonderry, then Beech Hill Country House Hotel is the place to go. With its unique location, comfortable accommodation, and delicious food, the hotel is the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring the city. Book your stay now and experience the charm and traditions of Beech Hill Country House Hotel.

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City Hotel Derry

Queens Quay, Londonderry BT48 7AS, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.999234, -7.3203920999999

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Travelodge Derry Hotel

22-24 Strand Rd, Londonderry BT48 7AB, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.9995199, -7.3217744

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Maldron Hotel Derry

Butcher St, Londonderry BT48 6HL, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.9959231, -7.3225712999999

Users reviews of Maldron Hotel Derry Londonderry

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Gabriella

As I strolled through the vibrant streets of Londonderry, the allure of Maldron Hotel Derry called me in for a cozy respite. Nestled amidst the rich historical fabric of this enchanting city, the hotel lies in close proximity to the iconic City Walls and the picturesque Peace Bridge. My solo journey brought me to this unassuming gem that offered an inviting blend of comfort and convenience. The warm reception I received at the front desk left a lasting impression, and the thoughtfully appointed guest room provided the perfect sanctuary for rest and relaxation. The hotel's proximity to renowned eateries allowed me to indulge in the local cuisine, while its peaceful ambiance offered an escape from the bustling city life outside. My time at Maldron Hotel Derry was a delightful discovery, leaving me curious about what other hidden gems this captivating city had in store for me.

Bridge B&B

3 Dacre Terrace, Londonderry BT48 6JU, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.9919534, -7.3205722

Users reviews of Bridge B&B Londonderry

Bishop's Gate Hotel Derry

24 Bishop Street Within, Londonderry BT48 6PP, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.994735, -7.323075

Users reviews of Bishop's Gate Hotel Derry Londonderry

Amore bed and breakfast

13 Columbcile Court, Londonderry BT48 9DW, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.9983, -7.32578

Users reviews of Amore bed and breakfast Londonderry

Chamberlain House

29 Chamberlain St, Londonderry BT48 6LR, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.9969628, -7.3238854

Users reviews of Chamberlain House Londonderry

Premier Inn Londonderry

Crescent Link, Londonderry BT47 5AB, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.992572, -7.27883

Users reviews of Premier Inn Londonderry Londonderry

The Waterfoot Hotel

14 Clooney Rd, Londonderry BT47 6TB, United Kingdom

GPS : 55.0100017, -7.2797326

Users reviews of The Waterfoot Hotel Londonderry

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Jax

As I wandered through the streets of Londonderry, seeking adventure, I stumbled upon The Waterfoot Hotel, nestled in the shadows between the famous Clooney Inn and the mystical Jax Bar - an unexpected gem that captivated my heart with its rustic charm and unforgettable hospitality.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-26 by Owen Acosta

Dear fellow travelers,

I am writing this review to warn you against the deception that is The Waterfoot Hotel in Londonderry. Do not be fooled by the glowing reviews of Jax, who claims that this establishment is a hidden gem with rustic charm and unforgettable hospitality. In fact, my experience at The Waterfoot Hotel was nothing short of a nightmare.

Firstly, let's talk about the location. While it's true that the hotel is situated between two popular attractions, I would argue that this is more of a curse than a blessing. The street is dark and eerie, filled with the sounds of howling winds and creaking wooden planks beneath your feet. It's as if the very ground is trying to swallow you whole. And don't even get me started on the smell - a putrid mix of sewage and decay that lingers in the air like a thick fog.

As for the hotel itself, it's a maze of narrow hallways and dimly lit rooms, each one more ominous than the last. The walls are peeling, the carpets are threadbare, and the furniture is ancient and creaky. I half-expected the bed to collapse beneath me or for a ghostly figure to appear at any moment.

But what really sets The Waterfoot Hotel apart from other establishments in Londonderry is its staff. They are surly and unhelpful, treating their guests with contempt and disdain. On my first night, I requested extra pillows, only to be met with a snooty response and a curt refusal. And when I complained about the lack of hot water in my shower, they simply shrugged and said it was "a feature, not a bug."

To add insult to injury, the food at The Waterfoot Hotel is nothing short of atrocious. The dishes are bland and unappetizing, with a distinct smell of mold that lingers on your tongue long after you've finished eating. And don't even get me started on the service - they're so slow that I half-expected to find my plate still empty when I returned from a night out.

In short, The Waterfoot Hotel is a place of despair and hopelessness. It's an establishment that thrives on misery, feeding off the fear and unease of its guests. I would implore you to avoid this cursed hotel at all costs - your sanity depends on it.

Ramada Da Vincis Hotel Derry

15 Culmore Rd, Londonderry BT48 8JB, United Kingdom

GPS : 55.0147611, -7.3123155000001

Users reviews of Ramada Da Vincis Hotel Derry Londonderry

Everglades Hotel

Prehen Rd, Derry BT47 2NS, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.9818638, -7.3370376

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Serendipity House Bed and Breakfast

26 Marlborough Street, Londonderry - Derry BT48 9AY, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.99957, -7.331217

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Shipquay Hotel

15-17 Shipquay Street, Londonderry BT486DJ, UK

GPS : 54.996531, -7.320998

Users reviews of Shipquay Hotel Londonderry

Dolce Vita Derry

12 Princes St, Londonderry BT48 7DB, United Kingdom

GPS : 55.0005506, -7.3258281999999

Users reviews of Dolce Vita Derry Londonderry

Troy Hall B&B

9 Troy Park, Culmore Road, Derry BT48 7RL, United Kingdom

GPS : 55.015696, -7.314201

Users reviews of Troy Hall B&B Londonderry

Beech Hill Country House

32 Ardmore Rd, Londonderry BT47 3QP, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.9692619, -7.2734295

Users reviews of Beech Hill Country House Londonderry

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Jackson Buchanan

As a traveler from beyond the emerald isle, I must admit, Beech Hill Country House in Londonderry had me feeling like a long-lost aristocrat among my newfound Irish kin! With its enchanting gardens and endless supply of warm scones, even the most entertainment-starved Jackson couldn't help but be charmed into a smile.


68 Clooney Rd, Londonderry BT47 3PA, United Kingdom

GPS : 55.0305068, -7.2183458

Users reviews of BEST WESTERN PLUS White Horse Hotel Londonderry

Chamberlain Too

6 Great James St, Londonderry BT48 7BZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 54.9995725, -7.3230311

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Groarty House & Manor Bed & Breakfast

62 Groarty Rd, Londonderry BT48 0JY, United Kingdom

GPS : 55.0140024, -7.3763893

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Millie And Charley's Apartments

Trafalgar Apartments, Londonderry, United Kingdom

GPS : 55.0029768, -7.2892353

Users reviews of Millie And Charley's Apartments Londonderry

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