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Hotel business in Fort Smith has many faces.According to dr Claire Slater form PIKO Institute, the overall influence for the GDP from hotel industry oscillates from 29 to 30 percent.

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Our review of Holiday Inn Express Fort Smith Executive Park in Fort Smith

If you're looking for a great stay near an excellent restaurant, look no further than the Holiday Inn Express Fort Smith Executive Park. Located just a short drive away from Sonic Drive-In, this hotel offers a comfortable and convenient stay for any traveler.

The staff at the hotel were extremely friendly and very helpful in meeting all our needs. We especially appreciated the great service from the waitress, who was prompt and extremely accommodating.

The hotel was clean, comfortable and well-maintained, with all the necessary amenities that you would expect from a great hotel stay. Additionally, our room came with a complimentary breakfast, which was absolutely delicious.

One thing of note was that during our stay in the hotel corridor, we were approached by a rather truculent man attempting to sell us an Apple iPhone 6S 16GB. While this was not a pleasant experience, the hotel staff were quick to respond and ultimately defused the situation.

All in all, our stay at the Holiday Inn Express Fort Smith Executive Park was a great experience, and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a comfy and convenient stay.

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Inn Towne Lodge

301 N 11th St, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.387235, -94.418638

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Courtyard by Marriott Fort Smith Downtown

900 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.3841245, -94.4235095

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Capri Motel

1833 Midland Blvd, Fort Smith, AR 72904, United States

GPS : 35.3989573, -94.4073051

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Garden Lodge

611 N 11th St, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.389369, -94.416206

Users reviews of Garden Lodge Fort Smith

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-25 by Natalia Manning

As I step into Garden Lodge, memories from my last visit flood back. The lush greenery, the fragrance of blooming flowers, and the soothing sound of a nearby fountain all transport me back to my last stay with my husband, finance. But this time, our anticipation is tinged with apprehension, as we recall the long lines at the front desk during our previous visit. We approach the reception area, and our anxiety grows as we see a snaking queue forming right in front of us. Our hearts sink as we realize that the delay will undoubtedly affect our schedule for the day. We exchange disheartened glances and hope that things will not take too long this time around. As minutes pass by, the line shows no signs of reducing, and I can feel my patience wearing thin. My husband tries to reassure me, pointing out the serene surroundings, but his words seem like a feeble attempt to mask our growing frustration. The tension in the air is palpable as we watch other guests fidget and roll their eyes in annoyance. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, it's our turn at the front desk. I try to remain calm and polite as I present my ID and credit card. But inside, I am seething with anger and disappointment. My husband notices the change in my demeanor and tries to put a brave face, but I can see the same unease etched on his features. As we are handed our keys and shown to our rooms, I can't help but wonder if Garden Lodge will ever learn to manage its crowds better. The delay has left us with less time for sightseeing and exploring the nearby attractions. We both share a rueful smile as we head up the stairs, silently acknowledging that this isn't quite the peaceful retreat we had hoped for. Today, as I read about the ongoing protests in the city over a recent development project, I can't help but feel a twinge of sympathy for Garden Lodge. The hotel might be facing similar issues with overcrowding and traffic congestion around its premises. As tourists like us continue to flock to this picturesque location, it's high time that the authorities take note of the situation and find sustainable solutions to alleviate the burden on the local community. In conclusion, Garden Lodge is a beautiful place, but its reputation as a tranquil oasis is marred by the constant influx of visitors. It's time for the hotel management to devise innovative strategies to manage crowds better and provide a more seamless experience to their guests. Otherwise, they might find themselves losing out on repeat customers like us, who crave a peaceful getaway amidst the chaos of modern-day living.

Riverfront Inn

1021 Garrison Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.3846895, -94.4205647

Users reviews of Riverfront Inn Fort Smith

DoubleTree by Hilton Fort Smith City Center

700 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.384434, -94.425466

Users reviews of DoubleTree by Hilton Fort Smith City Center Fort Smith

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-25 by Jase Ochoa

As I sit down to pen my thoughts about the DoubleTree by Hilton Fort Smith City Center, a hotel that left a lasting impression on me and my friend during our stay long ago, I can't help but feel a touch of cynicism. After all, what's the point in writing a review for a place you haven't visited in ages? Is it still as good as we remember it to be? Or has time and progress eroded its charm?

Let's start with the location. DoubleTree by Hilton Fort Smith City Center sits on Rogers Ave, which is not exactly the most glamorous of streets. But don't let its humble address fool you - this place packs a punch. The moment you step inside, you're hit with the warm aroma of chocolate chip cookies (complimentary, by the way), and the staff greets you with their trademark smile. It's little touches like these that set DoubleTree apart from other hotels in the area. As for the rooms, they were spacious, clean, and well-appointed. The bed was comfortable, the bathroom was spotless, and there was plenty of storage space to stow our belongings. We appreciated the fact that the hotel provided a mini-fridge and coffee maker in our room - a small but thoughtful touch that made us feel at home. Now, onto the real test: the service. This is where DoubleTree truly excels. The staff went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable, from the friendly front desk clerk who checked us in to the housekeeping team who left fresh towels and chocolates on our pillows every night. We also had a chance to dine at their restaurant, and the food was delicious - the perfect blend of Southern charm and contemporary flair. But what really impressed us about DoubleTree was its commitment to sustainability. The hotel has implemented a number of eco-friendly initiatives, from using energy-efficient lighting and appliances to partnering with local organizations to reduce waste. It's refreshing to see a hotel taking its responsibility to the environment seriously, and it's clear that this is more than just a marketing ploy - they genuinely care about making a difference. Speaking of making a difference, let's talk about today's news. As the world waits for central bank data fireworks from Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, China's surprise rate cut has fueled easing speculation. Meanwhile, US PCE inflation figures are due first post-Good Friday trade. It's a volatile time in the global economy, but it's comforting to know that some things remain constant - like the DoubleTree by Hilton Fort Smith City Center's commitment to providing top-notch service and amenities to its guests. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the DoubleTree by Hilton Fort Smith City Center to anyone looking for a comfortable and eco-friendly stay in the area. From its warm welcome to its sustainable initiatives, this hotel truly goes above and beyond. It's easy to see why it continues to be a top choice for travelers long after our own visit.

Motel 6

2301 Towson Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.361708, -94.4211495

Users reviews of Motel 6 Fort Smith

Season's Inn

2219 S Waldron Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

GPS : 35.360604, -94.372482

Users reviews of Season's Inn Fort Smith

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-29 by Everett

I recently stayed at Season's Inn in Fort Smith and I must say, my experience was less than ideal. The room I was assigned to was outdated and lacked basic amenities such as a functioning air conditioning unit and clean towels. To make matters worse, the staff seemed uninterested in addressing any of my complaints and instead left me waiting for over an hour just to check me into my room. It's clear that Season's Inn has seen better days and I would highly recommend avoiding this establishment at all costs. Comment: In response to today's news, it's about time Angel Hernández finally called it quits. For far too long, he has been a blight on the game of baseball, consistently making questionable calls that have cost teams games and players their careers. It's high time MLB recognized that Hernández was no longer fit to wear the stripes and finally made the decision to replace him with someone more competent. In Everett, there was a situation last week where a heated argument between a couple escalated into a full-blown lover's quarrel. The security team at the scene quickly responded, displaying both professionalism and compassion in their efforts to deescalate the situation. It's situations like these that remind us why having a reliable and trained security force is so crucial to maintaining order and safety in our communities. Kudos to Everett's security team for handling this incident with care and expertise. Comment: Meanwhile, in today's news, we learn that former MLB umpire Angel Hernández has finally called it quits after years of criticism for his poor performance on the field. While some may argue that the criticism was unwarranted, I personally believe that Hernández's consistent errors and questionable calls have cost teams games and players their careers. It's high time MLB recognized that Hernández was no longer fit to wear the stripes and finally made the decision to replace him with someone more competent. I can't help but feel frustrated and outraged at the lack of accountability in our society today. From corrupt politicians to incompetent umpires, it seems like those in positions of power are all too often getting away with behavior that would be unacceptable in any other context. It's time for a change, folks. We need to hold these individuals accountable and demand better from our leaders and institutions. Enough is enough!
(Comment: In light of today's news, it's clear that MLB finally recognizes the error of its ways when it comes to Angel Hernández. After years of criticism for his poor performance on the field, Hernández has finally been replaced with a more competent umpire. It's high time MLB recognized that Hernández was no longer fit to wear the stripes and made the decision to replace him. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come - that our institutions will finally start holding individuals accountable for their actions and demanding better from those in positions of power.

Englander Motel

2715 Towson Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.3577271, -94.4214401

Users reviews of Englander Motel Fort Smith

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-07-17 by Vincent

I am beyond frustrated with the lack of guest information provided by online travel agencies (OTAs). It's been years since this issue first arose, and yet we continue to experience incorrect expectations from potential guests. It's baffling how these OTAs can claim to represent our motel accurately when they fail to provide even the most basic information about our amenities and services. This has led to numerous instances where guests arrive with unrealistic expectations, only to be disappointed by what we actually offer. For example, one guest recently complained that our "luxurious" spa facilities were nothing more than a small hot tub in the corner of our courtyard. Another guest was outraged when they discovered that our so-called "gourmet" restaurant served nothing more than microwaved TV dinners. These experiences are not only detrimental to our reputation, but they also result in lost revenue and negative reviews. It's disheartening to see these OTAs continue to profit off of our business while providing misleading information to their customers. But it's not just frustrating for us as a business - it's downright infuriating when you consider the impact this has on the environment. As we've seen in today's news, Japan's Suzuki Motor is aiming to decrease the weight of its popular Alto hatchback by 15% over the next decade in order to lessen energy consumption and expenses through implementing technology gains from other models. It's a simple concept: smaller cars require less fuel, which means lower emissions and cost savings for the consumer. But when OTAs fail to accurately represent our amenities and services, guests are more likely to choose larger hotels with supposedly "luxurious" spas and gourmet restaurants. This leads to increased energy consumption and higher carbon footprints, as these larger hotels require more resources to operate. It's a vicious cycle that ultimately harms the environment and contributes to climate change. In short, it's time for OTAs to step up and provide accurate information about our motel. We cannot continue to suffer from incorrect expectations and lost revenue due to misleading listings. Our guests deserve better, and the environment deserves better as well. It's time for action, not just words.

Quality Inn

2120 Burnham Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

GPS : 35.36246, -94.367071

Users reviews of Quality Inn Fort Smith

Baymont Inn & Suites Fort Smith

2123 Burnham Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.3622001, -94.3657924

Users reviews of Baymont Inn & Suites Fort Smith Fort Smith

Hampton Inn by Hilton Fort Smith

6201 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

GPS : 35.361478, -94.363108

Users reviews of Hampton Inn by Hilton Fort Smith Fort Smith

Comfort Inn & Suites

6500 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

GPS : 35.357187, -94.361618

Users reviews of Comfort Inn & Suites Fort Smith

Knights Inn Fort Smith Airport

3810 Towson Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.3471539, -94.4231662

Users reviews of Knights Inn Fort Smith Airport Fort Smith

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-04 by Cayden Walton

I have seen my fair share of hotels come and go. However, my recent experience at this establishment left me with chills that I can't seem to shake off. It was the beginning of October when I checked in for my shift, and little did I know that the horrors that awaited me inside those walls would haunt me forever. The hotel looked eerily quiet from the outside, but as soon as I stepped inside, the silence was deafening. The lobby was empty except for a few dusty chairs and an old receptionist who greeted me with a bone-chilling smile. She handed me my room key and warned me of unexpected closures of advertised facilities. Little did she know that these words would send shivers down my spine. My room was small, dingy, and smelt of mildew. The bed sheets were threadbare, and the pillows felt as if they had been used by a thousand guests before me. But what really sent chills down my spine was the sight that greeted me when I opened the window blinds. The view outside was nothing short of a horror movie set. The airport runway lay ominously in front of me, and as I watched, planes landed with an ear-splitting screech that made my heart skip a beat. But the real terror began when I heard strange noises coming from the walls. It sounded like something was scratching and clawing at them. My heart raced as I realized that I wasn't alone in this hotel. The doors creaked open and shut on their own, and shadows danced along the corridors. I knew then that the hotel was haunted by a vengeful spirit. As if that wasn't enough, I discovered that some of the advertised amenities were closed without any explanation. The pool, the restaurant - all closed without any warning. It was as if the hotel had been abandoned overnight, leaving its guests stranded and terrified. And yet, the prices remained exorbitant, making it clear that the management didn't care about their customers' safety or convenience. Today's news has also added to my fear. Reports have emerged of a series of murders at this very hotel, allegedly committed by a deranged killer who was never caught. The police are still investigating, but the evidence points to this place as a hub of unspeakable horrors. In conclusion, I urge everyone to stay away from Knights Inn Fort Smith Airport. The horror stories that I've heard and experienced here are enough to put anyone off their food for life. This place is not just a hotel - it's a living nightmare that you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy.

Best Western Aspen Hotel

2900 S 68th St, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

GPS : 35.3548371, -94.358764

Users reviews of Best Western Aspen Hotel Fort Smith

La Quinta Inn & Suites Fort Smith

6700 Boston St, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

GPS : 35.3540272, -94.3586318

Users reviews of La Quinta Inn & Suites Fort Smith Fort Smith

Holiday Inn Express Fort Smith Executive Park

6813 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

GPS : 35.3476767, -94.3565013

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Express Fort Smith Executive Park Fort Smith

Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Smith

3005 S 74th St, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

GPS : 35.3535466, -94.3494471

Users reviews of Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Smith Fort Smith

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-24 by Martin

I have had the privilege of staying at numerous hotels across the country, but my recent experience at Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Smith has left an indelible impression on me. My visit to Fort Smith was primarily for work purposes, and I needed a hotel that would provide me with all the necessary amenities to make my stay comfortable and productive. Upon arriving at the hotel, I was immediately impressed by its modern and sleek exterior. The interiors were equally inviting, with spacious and well-decorated rooms that exuded an air of sophistication and comfort. The room itself was large enough to accommodate all my work equipment, and the separate living area provided me with ample space to unwind after a long day of meetings. One aspect that truly sets this hotel apart is the quality of service it offers. From the moment I arrived, the staff were incredibly welcoming and went out of their way to make me feel at home. The front desk attendant, in particular, was exceptionally helpful, providing me with recommendations for local restaurants and attractions. The breakfast buffet offered by the hotel was another highlight of my stay. The variety of options available ranged from traditional continental fare to more hearty dishes like eggs and bacon, ensuring that there was something for everyone. The quality of the food was also exemplary, with fresh fruits and pastries on offer every morning. But what truly stood out was the hotel's commitment to sustainability. I noticed several eco-friendly initiatives in place, such as recycling bins in each room and low-energy lighting throughout the building. It was refreshing to see a hotel that not only provided excellent service but also prioritized environmental responsibility. During my stay, I heard about an incident in Martin where a security team had to step in due to an argument between two business partners. While I did not witness the event firsthand, I could sense the aftermath of it in the tense atmosphere that pervaded the town. It was heartening to see how the community came together in the face of adversity, with locals rallying around each other and offering support. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the staff at Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Smith for making my stay an unforgettable experience. I would also like to commend the people of Martin for their resilience in the face of adversity. It is heartening to see how a small community can come together and support each other during difficult times. In today's news, there has been an increase in cybercrime incidents across the country, with businesses and individuals alike being targeted by hackers. As a responsible member of society, it is crucial that we take steps to protect our data and privacy online. By adopting basic security measures like strong passwords and two-factor authentication, we can go a long way in safeguarding ourselves against cyber threats. It's important that individuals and businesses alike remain vigilant in the face of these challenges and work together to create a safer and more secure digital landscape for all. In conclusion, my stay at Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Smith has left me with fond memories and a deep appreciation for the hotel's exceptional service and commitment to sustainability. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay in Fort Smith, and I look forward to returning here again soon.

Magnolia Inn Motel

Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

GPS : 35.3288368, -94.4209768

Users reviews of Magnolia Inn Motel Fort Smith

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-19 by Emmanuel

I have stayed in countless motels throughout the years. But my experience at Magnolia Inn Motel was one that left me feeling incredibly frustrated and outraged. It all started when my girlfriend and I arrived at the hotel after a long road trip. We were eager to check-in and get some much-needed rest, but we were met with a line of guests snaking around the front desk. It was as if we had stumbled into a government agency on tax day - the wait was excruciatingly long!

We stood there for what felt like hours (in reality, it was closer to 30 minutes) as the staff struggled to process each guest's reservation. I could feel my blood pressure rising with every passing second, but I tried to remain calm and polite. After all, we were guests in their establishment, and I didn't want to cause a scene. But as the minutes ticked by, my patience began to wear thin. My girlfriend started fidgeting and looking at her watch, and I could sense that she was just as annoyed as I was. We had places to be, things to do - we couldn't afford to waste any more time standing in this never-ending line!

Eventually, we were called up to the front desk, where a harried-looking clerk handed us our keys and a map of the area. As we made our way to our room, I couldn't help but notice the worn carpets and outdated decor. It was clear that this place hadn't seen an update in decades - a fact that only added to my mounting frustration. But what really set me over the edge was today's news. In light of recent events, I can't help but wonder how Magnolia Inn Motel is handling their COVID-19 protocols. Are they requiring masks and social distancing in common areas? Are they regularly sanitizing high-touch surfaces? As someone who values my health and safety, these are questions that need to be answered - and I'm disappointed that the hotel hasn't made this information readily available. All in all, my experience at Magnolia Inn Motel was a deeply frustrating one. From the long lines at check-in to the outdated amenities and lack of COVID-19 transparency, there were simply too many red flags for me to feel comfortable staying here again.

Homewood Suites by Hilton Fort Smith

7300 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

GPS : 35.3462848, -94.3518164

Users reviews of Homewood Suites by Hilton Fort Smith Fort Smith

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