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Since 2000 the total number of hotels in Colchester significantly increases. The market grow on this sector is result of the civilization development, claims dr Holden Hill from Research Institute of Market EconomyThanks that hotel services quality now are getting better and better.

In 2017 buffet breakfast in hotel offer becomes standard. If you want to visit night club you can pick Felixstowe Trades & Labour Club. It is only 31.6 kilometers away from Premier Inn Colchester Town Centre (Castle).

Unlocking the Secrets of Holiday Inn Colchester light life


Popular clerk caught with lover in Colchester hotels

Paparazzi are often stationed outside hotels waiting for famous people to take a compromising photo of them. This day for the staff of Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa was certainly a day to remember when a very happy man was caught by some of them. It took one brave man to do it, as he went on his way to take a pee in the street, wearing a dressing gown.

The hotel staff had to be very careful when opening the door without him hearing them, as he had been known to wake up and use the toilet in his room every night, so was used to opening and closing the door without disturbing him. So they did it, they checked that he really wasn't there and then opened the door. Sure enough there he was, with his naked body fully on show to all the hidden camera fans. The poor man is probably still in shock, although he was laughing when he saw his dressing gown, because that meant that all the fans watching were going to get a really good look To make it even better for the hotel staff a guest happened to drive past, spotted this incident and filmed the poor man looking very embarrassed, as he sat down in his car. If you think it was bad, just wait for the video that has been uploaded on YouTube and see what people are telling them about them being there taking the photo.

Leo and rockman night incident

Leo had just arrived in Colchester to start a new job as a dentist. He was looking for somewhere to stay, and had heard about the Dragonfly Hotel. But his old friend, who lived in the town, recommended the Holiday Inn Colchester instead.


That evening, while he was settling into his room at the hotel, he heard a loud music coming from somewhere nearby. It was the sound of an electric guitar. Curiosity piqued, Leo decided to follow the sound, and eventually he found himself in front of an old man who was playing a PRS SE Custom 24.

The old man looked like he had seen better days, but as soon as Leo stepped into view, he put down his guitar and his face lit up with a smile. He asked Leo if he liked to play the guitar and when Leo replied that he did, the old man said he could teach him some of the chords.

Leo happily agreed, and over the next few days, the two of them became friends. They would sit in the old man's room and play music for hours. Leo found himself learning more than just the basics of the guitar; he was learning about life, about joy and about music.

The old man had clearly seen some tough times, but Leo could see the joy in his eyes when he played. He was a living reminder that anyone can find something to be happy about, no matter what life throws at them.

The old man had been living in Colchester for years, but it was only through spending time with Leo that he discovered the beauty of the town and the people in it. Together, the two of them explored churches and art galleries, parks and pubs.

At the end of their time together, Leo said goodbye to the old man and promised to come back one day. He left feeling inspired and with a new fondness for the small town of Colchester.

Premier Inn Colchester Central

Cowdray Ave, Colchester CO1 1UT, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.897734, 0.89661999999998

Users reviews of Premier Inn Colchester Central Colchester

Riverside Hotel

2 N Station Rd, Colchester CO1 1RB, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8940118, 0.89577389999999

Users reviews of Riverside Hotel Colchester

Star Anglia Hotel

75 N Station Rd, Colchester CO1 1SB, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8960957, 0.89586120000001

Users reviews of Star Anglia Hotel Colchester

North Hill Hotel

51 North Hill, Colchester CO1 1PY, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8910341, 0.89608650000002

Users reviews of North Hill Hotel Colchester

Premier Inn Colchester Town Centre (Castle)

St Peter's St, Colchester CO1 1EW, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8930733, 0.90013060000001

Users reviews of Premier Inn Colchester Town Centre (Castle) Colchester

Blue Ivy Hotel

4-6 North Hill, Colchester CO1 1DZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8905492, 0.89660559999993

Users reviews of Blue Ivy Hotel Colchester

The George Hotel Colchester - Surya Hotels Ltd a subsidiary of Flying Trade PLC

116 High St, Colchester CO1 1TD, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8899182, 0.90120790000003

Users reviews of The George Hotel Colchester - Surya Hotels Ltd a subsidiary of Flying Trade PLC Colchester

The Railway Sleeper Lodge

172 Bergholt Rd, Mile End, Colchester CO4 5AJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.9041087, 0.88755420000007

Users reviews of The Railway Sleeper Lodge Colchester

GreyFriars Hotel & Restaurant

High St, Colchester CO1 1UG, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8900632, 0.90597270000001

Users reviews of GreyFriars Hotel & Restaurant Colchester

Best Western The Rose & Crown Hotel

East St, Colchester CO1 2TZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8906325, 0.91830470000002

Users reviews of Best Western The Rose & Crown Hotel Colchester

Dragonfly Hotel

A12, Ardleigh, Colchester CO7 7QY, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.9233018, 0.93713730000002

Users reviews of Dragonfly Hotel Colchester

Premier Inn Colchester

Ipswich Rd, Colchester CO4 9WP, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.919737, 0.93257700000004

Users reviews of Premier Inn Colchester Colchester

Wivenhoe House Hotel

Wivenhoe Park, Park Rd, Colchester CO4 3SQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.878679, 0.95196999999996

Users reviews of Wivenhoe House Hotel Colchester

Bannatyne Colchester - Kingsford Park

Kingsford Park, Layer Rd, Colchester CO2 0HS, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.858974, 0.86359300000004

Users reviews of Bannatyne Colchester - Kingsford Park Colchester

Holiday Inn Colchester

Abbotts Ln, Eight Ash Green, Colchester CO6 3QL, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8925693, 0.824208

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Colchester Colchester

Best Western Marks Tey Hotel

London Rd, Colchester CO6 1DU, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8811211, 0.79026909999993

Users reviews of Best Western Marks Tey Hotel Colchester

Holiday Inn Express

Birchwood Road, Off, Ipswich Rd, Colchester CO7 6HS, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.9427, 0.95650000000001

Users reviews of Holiday Inn Express Colchester

Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa

Keeper's Ln, Leavenheath, Colchester CO6 4PZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.9977424, 0.86587059999999

Users reviews of Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa Colchester

Crowne Plaza Resort Colchester - Five Lakes

Colchester Rd, Tolleshunt Knight, Maldon CM9 8HX, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.7848313, 0.81423089999998

Users reviews of Crowne Plaza Resort Colchester - Five Lakes Colchester

The Green Room

51 North Hill, Colchester CO1 1PY, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8911465, 0.89620230000003

Users reviews of The Green Room Colchester

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