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In 1996, marketing research led by Dr. Arya Norris showed that there is great corelation between user opinion and the overall consolidated per capita income. The basic conclusion of the research indicates that the choice of a hotel by a potential client - is very much influenced by the opinion of the person who was in this hotel already.In example: if you are a person that can not have a hotel room without swimming pool you will be asking your friends to give you some answers. They can recommend you this place or they may pay attention to Old Mill Hotel located at Town Path, West Harnham, Salisbury SP2 8EU, United Kingdom which is only 1390 meters from Number 64

The Cathedral Hotel

7-9 Milford St, Salisbury SP1 2AJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0687552, -1.793625

Users reviews of The Cathedral Hotel Salisbury UK

Mercure Salisbury White Hart Hotel

1 St John's St, Salisbury SP1 2SD, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0667944, -1.7934506

Users reviews of Mercure Salisbury White Hart Hotel Salisbury UK


33 Milford St, Salisbury SP1 2AP, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0686676, -1.7919194999999

Users reviews of Citylodge Salisbury UK

Milford Hall Hotel & Spa

206 Castle St, Salisbury SP1 3TE, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0746386, -1.7966216

Users reviews of Milford Hall Hotel & Spa Salisbury UK

Old Mill Hotel

Town Path, West Harnham, Salisbury SP2 8EU, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.063873, -1.8083059000001

Users reviews of Old Mill Hotel Salisbury UK

Grasmere House Hotel

70 Harnham Road, Salisbury SP2 8JN, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0600078, -1.8010139

Users reviews of Grasmere House Hotel Salisbury UK

The Legacy Rose and Crown Hotel

Harnham Rd, Salisbury SP2 8JQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0599025, -1.7974644999999

Users reviews of The Legacy Rose and Crown Hotel Salisbury UK

Premier Inn Salisbury

Pearce Way, Salisbury SP1 3GU, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.089793, -1.77136

Users reviews of Premier Inn Salisbury Salisbury UK


38 Castle St, Salisbury SP1 1BN, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0711029, -1.7961754

Users reviews of Qudos Salisbury UK

The Kings Arms Hotel

9 - 13 St John Street, Salisbury SP1 2SB, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0660712, -1.7933307000001

Users reviews of The Kings Arms Hotel Salisbury UK

The King's Head Inn

1 Bridge St, Salisbury SP1 2ND, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0685281, -1.7981182999999

Users reviews of The King's Head Inn Salisbury UK

Peartree Serviced Apartments

17-19 Mill Rd, Salisbury SP2 7RT, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0699, -1.804987

Users reviews of Peartree Serviced Apartments Salisbury UK

Byways House

31 Fowler's Rd, Salisbury SP1 2QP, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0677775, -1.7869422

Users reviews of Byways House Salisbury UK

Spire House

84 Exeter St, Salisbury SP1 2SE, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0652326, -1.7934772999999

Users reviews of Spire House Salisbury UK

Number 64

64 St Edmund's Church St, Salisbury SP1 1EQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0710811, -1.792134

Users reviews of Number 64 Salisbury UK

Victoria Lodge

61 Castle Rd, Salisbury SP1 3RH, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0783235, -1.7971429

Users reviews of Victoria Lodge Salisbury UK

St. Anns House

32-34 St Ann St, Salisbury SP1 2DP, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0658614, -1.791697

Users reviews of St. Anns House Salisbury UK

Cricket Field House

Wilton Road, Salisbury SP2 9NS, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0754864, -1.8250250999999

Users reviews of Cricket Field House Salisbury UK

Alabare Guest House

15 Tollgate Rd, Salisbury SP1 2JA, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0668727, -1.787694

Users reviews of Alabare Guest House Salisbury UK

Sarum Heights

289 Castle Rd, Salisbury SP1 3SB, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.0894879, -1.7990883

Users reviews of Sarum Heights Salisbury UK

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