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Since 2006 the total number of hotels in Bath UK significantly increases. Change of human behavior affects the growth of investment in services - including hotel services. Thanks that hotel services quality now are getting better and better.
Hotels like The Royal Hotel located at Manvers St, Bath BA1 1JP, United Kingdom or Grays Boutique B&B which is located 980 m away both could offer non-smoking rooms. If you look for a good restaurant - try The Pump Room if you want to go out evening. It is just placed 590 meters away from The Ayrlington at Abbey Chambers, Church St, Avon, Bath BA1 1LZ, United Kingdom.

Abbey Hotel

N Parade, Bath BA1 1LF, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3806447, -2.3577264

Users reviews of Abbey Hotel Bath UK

Parade Park Hotel

8-10 N Parade, Bath BA2 4AL, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.38064, -2.3569139

Users reviews of Parade Park Hotel Bath UK

The Royal Hotel

Manvers St, Bath BA1 1JP, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3781237, -2.3567795

Users reviews of The Royal Hotel Bath UK

The Gainsborough Bath Spa

Beau St, Bath BA1 1QY, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3802715, -2.3610031000001

Users reviews of The Gainsborough Bath Spa Bath UK

The Ayrlington

24-25 Pulteney Rd (South), Bath BA2 4EZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3827698, -2.3518272

Users reviews of The Ayrlington Bath UK

The Bear

Bear Flat, 6-10 Wellsway, Bath BA2 3AQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.373895, -2.3667978999999

Users reviews of The Bear Bath UK

Paradise House

88 Holloway, Bath BA2 4PX, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3759961, -2.3635868

Users reviews of Paradise House Bath UK

Harington's City Hotel

8-10 Queen St, Bath BA1 1HE, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.383083, -2.362073

Users reviews of Harington's City Hotel Bath UK

SACO Bath - St James' Parade

37 St James's Parade, Bath BA1 1UH, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3793519, -2.3606966

Users reviews of SACO Bath - St James' Parade Bath UK

Grays Boutique B&B

9 Upper Oldfield Park, Bath BA2 3JX, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3752077, -2.37008

Users reviews of Grays Boutique B&B Bath UK

Hotel Indigo

South Parade, Bath BA2 4AB, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3801461, -2.3565705999999

Users reviews of Hotel Indigo Bath UK

Travelodge Bath Waterside Hotel

Widcombe Basin, Rossiter Rd, Bath BA2 4JP, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3774865, -2.3536584999999

Users reviews of Travelodge Bath Waterside Hotel Bath UK

Premier Inn Bath City Centre

4 James St W, Bath BA1 2BX, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3807008, -2.3643672000001

Users reviews of Premier Inn Bath City Centre Bath UK

Brasserie Brunel

Manvers St, Bath BA1 1JP, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3781447, -2.3568878

Users reviews of Brasserie Brunel Bath UK

Apex City of Bath Hotel

James St W, Bath BA1 2DA, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.381534, -2.365634

Users reviews of Apex City of Bath Hotel Bath UK

The Thief

1 Monmouth Pl, Bath BA1, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3829431, -2.3667727

Users reviews of The Thief Bath UK

The County Hotel Bath

18-19 Pulteney Rd (South), Bath BA2 4EZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3835437, -2.3518618000001

Users reviews of The County Hotel Bath Bath UK

The Halcyon Hotel Apartments

The Porter,, 16 George St, Bath BA1 2EN, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.384889, -2.362533

Users reviews of The Halcyon Hotel Apartments Bath UK

Francis Hotel Bath - MGallery by Sofitel

6-12 Queen Square, Bath BA1 2HH, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3829743, -2.3634121

Users reviews of Francis Hotel Bath - MGallery by Sofitel Bath UK

Dukes Hotel

53-54 Great Pulteney St, Bath BA2 4DN, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.3848144, -2.3531151

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